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What do you pack for trips? We are excited going to England this summer, and through the many years of visits my grandmother, I’ve got my packing list down to a science. Here’s what I bring (and I would love to hear your go-tos) …

The magic of a shirt dress is that it immediately makes you feel put together. After a long flight or drive, push it over your head and boom you are beautiful and ready drinks at. Frank and Eileen is known for their splurgy, but amazing, and Goal and Universal Standard also has good opportunities.

2. I plan to wear one matching set on rock walks, to windy beaches with the boys and to drink Shirley Temples at the pub. (Several sets hereif you want.)

3. This top has the most beautiful flowers and I love romantic puff sleeves (like this one eye onealso).

4. Plus, old-school jeanswith a little bit of stretch.

5. My friend Susan always recommends packing red clothes because red looks so good in pictures. This red dress fits the bill.

6. I recently got one second ear piercing (to my fathers big disapproval, haha) and I suddenly see cool earrings when I walk. These thick hangers are SO good and I like this $ 20 pairalso.

7. Where is that fat this green color? We always take a soft overnight bag along with suitcases; I will use it during the trip for books, bath towels, bathing suits, whatever we need for everyday adventures. Birdling is a female-founded brand with a cult following, and I love all their poppies colors.

8. For me, it always feels frustrating to shop for shorts. They are either too long, too short, too swollen or too tight. fortunately this Guldlok pair get it right. Done and done!

9. Love these 100% cotton pajamas, which is block printed in India. They are super, super light, so they are not too hot at night; and they are sweet enough to cuddle around and drink coffee in the morning.

10. Finally woven sandals to wear every day. Here is another beautiful couple in eight colors.

All in all, for a week in England, I pack: a terry sweatshirt, two dresses, two shirts, two pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, flats, sneakers, pajamas, a suitcase and an overnight bag. You can mix and match everything. In addition, of course, I brought along underwear and bras; and mine everyday makeup and skin care. That is it!

What do you pack for trips? I would very much like to hear.

PS My friend Susan’s ingenious package tipand Caroline’s holiday error. And here’s what i packed last fall and on another trip before thatif you like to see people’s packing lists like I do!

(Top photo of Cornwall, England, by Belathée.)

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