How to make the perfect scrambled egg and mushroom toast from chef Kaleena Bliss

A few months ago we did one trip to Seattle that was more than inspiring, and of course centered around really good food. Between the delicious brunches, sweet ice cream treats, and incredible dinners in the Pacific Northwest, I was surprised to find that some of my favorite bites were at our hotel’s restaurant. The most eye-opening, delicious dish is the scrambled egg and mushroom toast Chef Kaleena Bliss shared with us on our last afternoon.

Chef at Conversation, located in the Thompson Hotel, Kaleena let us chat over dinner about ingredient combinations and flavors I’m still trying to recreate at home. (I’m still dreaming of the charred cucumber and tamarind vinaigrette with crispy shallots.) But I couldn’t get over the humble show-stopper of a mushroom toast. After all, at first glance it’s easy to underestimate the power of a simple recipe.

With a passion for local produce (incl wild mushrooms like the ones in this recipe!), Kaleena is known for her ability to speak to and represent the surrounding, local environment through food. One bite of this mushroom toast and I was immediately transported to the forests of the PNW, thanks to the dish’s earthy mushrooms and fresh herbs.

As Kaleena shared in our conversation, by being thoughtful with ingredients in season and using tried and true techniques, it’s easy to create restaurant-quality dishes in your very own kitchen. Keep reading to get the recipe from Chef Kaleena Bliss’s go to meal.

Can you share your process for developing this recipe?

It is a dish that I often make at home. For me, this dish is very seasonal – the kinds of mushrooms I use change as the season progresses. I wanted to make something that is earthy and reminds me of the Pacific Northwest.

What makes this recipe your favorite?

This recipe is super quick and easy to make, and in addition to the mushrooms, it uses ingredients that most people already have in their kitchen, i.e. eggs and bread. When I get up in the morning, I usually don’t want to do something extravagant that leaves the kitchen a mess for the rest of the day. This dish can be made in less than 10 minutes and is an easy crowd pleaser.

what tools do you need to make this scrambled egg and mushroom toast recipe?

I usually make this dish using two small pans and a toaster. One pan is for sautéing the mushrooms and the other for stirring the eggs in, and the bread can easily be sliced ​​and thrown into the toaster. If you’re in a hurry, you can cook the mushroom in one pot, then just add the eggs to the same pot and cook it all together.

I recommend a good nonstick egg pan and a heat-resistant rubber spatula. Scrambled eggs are quick to make when you have a good small pan. I make the pan very hot, add a little butter or oil and then immediately add the eggs. It can be cooked in about two minutes this way if you are just making a single batch.

A good nonstick pan is great for any breakfast egg. Once you learn how to flip an egg, you never go back.

What hero ingredients make this mushroom toast special?

For my personal preference, the bread and mushrooms are the most important part of this recipe. I love a good sourdough or seeded wheat bread with a thick crust. I like the texture it adds to the dish. But for me the mushrooms are the highlight. This recipe was really just a tool to put the fodder mushrooms on.

Are there any ingredient swaps we should know about?

This recipe can be modified in many ways. Instead of using butter, you can use olive oil to remove the dairy. There are several high-quality gluten-free breads out there that can also be substituted.

What is the secret to making this recipe taste delicious every time?

Make sure to adjust the recipe to what you’re craving. If you want more garlic, use more garlic. If you like your bread softer, don’t toast it so much. If you like your eggs super fluffy, add a little cream to the batter. You can also use dry spices and other fresh herbs to flavor the mushrooms to suit your palate.

What is the best thing about making recipes at the restaurant?

The best thing about making recipes is that I know it’s something I enjoy eating.

What do you hope people feel when they make one of your recipes?

My hope is that people can see that you can make something restaurant-quality in your kitchen at home, and it doesn’t have to be a big, messy mess. When I make a recipe for the home cook, I usually try to simplify it as much as possible because I understand that not everyone has the time to commit to making something complex.

I hope people with this dish can also see that recipes aren’t always black and white. You can play around with flavors and the amounts of ingredients you want to use to satisfy your own cravings and it can still turn out great!

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