A surprising ingredient gives this simple tomato paste great energy

Few things are more delicious than a tomato paste underneath peak season for tomatoes. With the season’s best produce on hand, it takes relatively little effort to put together a big bowl of silky vegetable noodles for dinner. (A crisp, crisp green salad and crusty bread—not optional.) Summer is the season for simple food, and it’s with that approach that this miso pasta recipe became a staple in my low-effort/max flavor repertoire.

I am determined to make the most of the last few golden hour evenings. That intention extends to the late summer meals I’ve served. And while I love the flourish and awe that comes with an unexpected, special ingredient, the surprises that come with cleaning out my fridge have made for some of the tastiest dinners—this miso pasta recipe included.

A few weeks ago I discovered some sub par baby tomatoes in the fridge and…not much else. And sure, tomatoes and pasta is a confirmed match made in heaven, but I’ve been looking for ways to upgrade the classic. So, in the spirit of ingenuity and innovation, I developed this five ingredient, one-pot Miso pasta recipe – with an ingredient close to my heart. Get ready to meet your new favorite for dinner.

Pro tip: Roast your tomatoes and garlic

Tomatoes and garlic are two of the main flavor components in this dish. My favorite way to get the most bang for your buck out of these two ingredients is to slow roast them plenty of olive oil. I pour a whole can of tomatoes onto a baking sheet and stick sliced ​​heads of garlic, cut side down, between the tomatoes. Drizzle with a good drizzle of olive oil (more than you think!) and let the oven do its magic. The tomatoes become juicy and soft, while the garlic becomes caramelized and sweet. In other words, totally addictive.

And now for the best part! The tomatoes will release some of their juice as they mix with the oil, contributing to the sauce that will coat the noodles. If you fancy some extra vegetables (zucchini, onion and asparagus are all good options), just toss them on the sheet tray with the tomatoes. Roasty, toasty deliciousness awaits.

Here’s how to build a flavorful sauce for this Miso Pasta recipe

Calling this a luscious pasta might be a bit of a stretch, but I’ve enjoyed pasta recipes that lean more minimally in terms of sauce, saving the heavier sauces for the winter. While this sauce is still creamy and cheesy, it gently coats the noodles and brings everything together in a beautifully delicious and silky sauce.

Searching the depths of my bare fridge to find this recipe inspired an epiphany: miso would be the perfect salty, sweet and umami-filled flavor boost for this sauce. It’s always a good idea to add miso to everything from savory foods to sweets. Paired with ingredients like caramelized garlic, Parmesan and roasted tomatoes (all things considered easy umami boosters), this recipe is an easy dinner treat.

To make the sauce, crush the soft caramelized garlic into a paste, add a little miso, Parmesan, a little olive oil or melted butter, and whisk in the pasta water a little at a time until the sauce is smooth and silky. The result? A perfect pasta where every bite keeps you coming back for more.

What to serve with this Miso Pasta

Like most pasta recipes, you’ll want to whisk the sauce together and then add the hot pasta from the pot to the sauce as it finishes cooking. This will help the sauce stick to the noodles and cook down a bit. Throw in the roasted tomatoes and all their juices, finish with some Parmesan, fresh black pepper and basil, and dinner is served.

I like to serve this pasta with a fresh lemon green salad or creamy kale salad, along with some bread and a crisp glass of wine. This pasta is sure to keep you satisfied on hot summer nights, and it’s also perfect for making a batch. Cook a huge pot of pasta and pre-roast all your tomatoes, and dinner comes together in no time. Trust me, you’ll be making this one on repeat.

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