Men’s Style: How to Dress to Show Your Patriotism

Patriotism and style have not always worked together, as most men take the challenge openly. Because of this, it is common to find most men wearing USA t-shirts and American flag blazers attending barbecues and walking along the beaches across the country. Most of these men want to portray pride for their country, but there is a much better way to show adoration for the country and still look handsome.

Are you aware of that? 85% of Americans display the national flag or wear Americana clothing to show patriotism? If you are an enthusiastic patriot who believes in equality and freedom, chances are you are looking for the best outfit to show your patriotism. If so, read on to find out how you can improve your nationalism.

A hint of subtlety

Your outfit must contain red, white and blue to qualify as patriotic. It will also help if it has a flag or other American symbol of history. Opt for something subtle rather than having the symbol splashed across the chest. To further boost your loyalty, you can choose marine corps clothingas they are decorated with the American flag.

Wear accessories

It would help if you considered put accessories on because they make your outfit pop. They also give you an easy way to show your patriotism. If you’re attending a casual event, wear an Americana baseball cap.

On the other hand, a nice Americana belt will boost your look if you want to appear much more sophisticated. You can pair the American belt with a matching tie to enhance the look. However, it would help if the belt contained red, blue and white tones.

As a man you must looks good at all times. Therefore, show your nationalism by wearing American accessories. Whether it’s a white leather purse or a braided red bracelet, these little details show your country pride. Even if you limit your patriotism to a single accessory, it still counts.

Color Block your look

Although it is advisable to include red, blue and white in your outfit, you do not necessarily need to have all colors in one outfit. If possible, avoid the one-size-fits-all approach and instead wear white shoes, a red polo, blue shorts or red shoes, a white shirt and blue trousers. Otherwise, try a similar combination. Don’t be afraid to be creative as you are not limited by any color rules.

Try new tones

When you think of American colors, you often think of red, blue and white in their purest forms. The red is dominant, the white is shiny, and the blue is rich and deep. However, you have room to experiment when it comes to fashion. Therefore, you might consider trying a cerulean, a pastel blue or a washed-out shade. Also replace the standard red with maroon or burgundy.

You will be shocked to learn that there are several shades of white on the market such as ivory, eggshell and cream. While the American flag colors remain constant, that shouldn’t mean you have to specifically commit to those colors when paying homage to this great country.

Wear Americana embroidered pants

As a man, wearing American embroidered pants is a great way to show patriotism. You might think that pants are not suitable for summer weather. However, they have a stretch design and are designed with cotton, making them an excellent option for summer weather.

Therefore, consider wearing American embroidered pants if you want to wear something creative and funky. You can complete your look by pairing these trousers with a blue, white or blue blazer.

Wear a striped or star print outfit

You can look patriotic without necessarily wearing an American flag outfit if you choose stripes or star print garments. So look for an outfit with white or red stripes or a piece with a subtle print of white stars. As said earlier, you don’t have to wear all the colors to appear patriotic.

Remember, nothing shows your patriotism more than the stars and stripes.

The gray American flag tank

For a nationalist, super trendy and casual street style, wear a gray American flag tank and pair it with white sneakers and khaki pants. You can enhance this style by tying a denim shirt around your waist. The good thing about khaki pants is that styling them is fun and straightforward.

Black and white

Red and white are dominant in the American flag and it makes sense to wear an outfit with these colors as they make you look patriotic. But if you are color conscious, you can wear a white t-shirt with the American flag printed in black and white and pair it with black sneakers with red shades and details.

Think nautical theme

A nautical or maritime theme is an iconic and timeless fashion trend. The best thing about this fashion trend is that you can do it in several ways, by combining red, blue and white. Imagine yourself on a sailboat in the harbor of Los Angeles.

The iconic maritime look is white and navy blue with a bit of red. If you want to create the illusion of looking petite, wear a navy piece underneath, maybe shorts or denim, then add a white shirt and a red accessory, something like a shoe.

Think outside the box

Let your loyalty extend beyond the outfit you’re wearing. Therefore, you can have a blue tote bag or a red bath towel. In addition, the cooler with all your wine and beer can have all three shades.

For some men, sticking to the three-color code may seem limiting. Therefore, it will be useful for them to mix the colors in visible ways.

The last word

As much as you love the USA, it’s worth noting that American flag prints can be hit or miss, mainly when taken in excess. It becomes a problem when the country celebrates Independence Day due to the increase in sales of patriotic accessories. Skinny youngsters at music festivals can wear cute outfits, but bandanas can work fine for the others who can’t.

Fortunately, as you’ve seen above, there are countless ways you can dress to show your patriotism.

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