5 tips for making your rental property ready for tenants

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If you have invested in one rental property, you can’t wait until you get your first tenants. Not only will you be able to get a satisfying return on your investment, but you can also provide much-needed housing for families, young professionals and more. Before you welcome your first tenants, make sure the property is ready for them. You want to make sure they fit comfortably, so here are five important tips to remember.


Make it beautiful

Nobody wants to move into a pigsty, so making the home beautiful before they arrive is a must. Landlords can perform residential painting and installing carpet or laminate flooring to ensure the house is move-in ready. you can’t forget the exterior either. If you have taken over the property from another owner, you must remove all rubbish in the garden and take good care of the garden in advance. The last thing tenants want to do after moving in is spend all day in the yard cutting down branches and mowing the lawn.

Carry out repairs

The home may also have several repairs that the previous owners did not take care of. Although these problems should have been identified during pre-sale inspections, you may encounter other problems that have occurred since. Carrying out these repairs now means your tenants don’t have to worry about a broken furnace or leaking pipes.

Double check everything

Even if the house seems perfect, it is always worth walking through the property to check that everything is working. If the house is furnished with the necessary, make sure that the oven, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer are working. You can also watch smoke detectors, leaks and electricity which may not be up to the bottom. Noting these before the tenants move in will give you a physical record and make it easier to reference should they highlight any issues.

Give them contact information

You can also prepare your tenants for any problems they may encounter by providing contact information. Give them your phone number and email address so they can contact them if they have any concerns. You can also provide emergency contact information for contractors such as locksmiths or plumbers if they need to act quickly or if you won’t be able to get to the property right away.

Put together a welcome pack

Landlords want their tenants to feel like the property is home. Since they may be stressed during move-in day, you can put one together welcome package to introduce them to the area. Include easy to prepare ready meals or menus for local takeaway restaurants. Welcome packs should also include information about the lease and rules, such as parking space allocation and meter readings.

Delivery of keys

If you can focus on these five essentials, you can consider your property ready for your tenants to move in. But your work doesn’t stop here. If you want to make their experience as pleasant as possible, make sure you are there to answer any questions to help maintain a great relationship and hopefully many years of them living in your property.

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