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French bulldog

What are you up to this weekend? Our friend Naudia to get married and I look forward to dancing with her mother! We might do too a strawberry shortcake to call in the summer. Hope you are well, and here are a few links from all over the web …

Uh, I’m fine, thank you.

Wait! Should we have potato chips with pickled dip?!

A forever single woman’s confessions. “I’m 33 years old and I’ve been single all my life … all the time. Single may not even be the right word because absence implies a memory of what once took its place. I’m single, as a baby is single. ” (She)

How beautiful this is Swedish home?

Definitely take this book on our trip.

Forget drinks, let’s get ice cream. “Recently, after grabbing ice cream in a small shop … a friend led me to a nearby park where we were resting next to a quartet of gentlemen to cool off. While we were eating, a pit bull chomped. adorable at the head of a sprinkler, a scene we would never have encountered attached to a bar stool. ” (She)

Love the combination of one beautiful white dress + denim jacket.

What you’re looking for, that’s what you’re looking for“I think about this concept all the time.

Six one-day routes to NYC. Thumbs up.

Busted, alwayshaha.

Finally, we hire a part-time editorial / administrative assistant with WordPress experience (this is the key!). You would work remotely and the price is $ 35 / hour. read more here, if you’re interested. Thank you!

Plus three reader comments:

Emily continues four fun things: “This slide video makes me laugh with tears! It reminds me of when I took my two-year-old daughter on a Ferris wheel and she sat completely still and silent, staring out at the city. I thought she was in awe until the trip stopped and she said, ‘So what does a Ferris wheel do? Can we drive on one now? ‘”

Elizabeth continues 9 movies / series with gay characters that meant a lot to me: “Everyone please go and see Cardiac arrest now if you have not. Not only amazing queer representation, it’s just a wonderful show sentence and possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s so much, very good! ”

Says Anonymous on last week’s link list: “I am an abortion provider in a state where abortion remains legal but in a very conservative city. As a result, I am always careful when meeting new people because you never know who is ‘safe’, check for to make sure I do not follow home from work, and avoid public appearances and interviews for fear of my safety.Since the SCOTUS verdict, friends and family have approached and asked how to help.I am surprised all needs others have identified – donate, search, protest, register people to vote, etc. May I add one more? Show up for the people who work at abortion clinics. It is a lonely job, and now, more than ever, we need to see the support in our community. Send flowers to your local clinic, have lunch taken care of them, send them a handwritten card thanking them for their work, volunteer as clinic cards. Wear a shirt in public that says “I am pro-choice!” Put a sign in your front yard so we know where our allies are. Please show me you’re out there so I can keep showing up here. ”

(Photo by Brat Co./Stocksy.)

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