And now, the smartest living room decor ideas for 2023

Few rooms are as often used and loved as living room. It’s the place to curl up by a fire with one good bookenjoy one movie with your family and splash around with friends while enjoying a delicious glass of vino. Along with the kitchen, the living room probably sees the most foot traffic in the home, making it the perfect place to express yourself to the fullest interior design style. But when we want to make a change, we like to do it rightwhich is why we reached out to an interior designer to share some of the most popular living room decor ideas for 2023.

Whether you want to make a few small tweaks here and there or want to revamp the whole thing, our expert Glenn Midnet, president of Design West have you covered. The winds have changed in the world of interiors the past year and people are looking to invest in their homes to make them more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Picture of Camille’s living room by Michelle Nash

Irresistible living room decor ideas for 2023

A connection that sits at the intersection of these focal points? Cool design. From Midnet’s observations and my own trend research, it’s clear that we’re collectively looking for ways to enhance our homes in the coming year. From the curved edges Midnet sees popping up in every interior, to the maximalist mix of aesthetics I’ve noticed across social media and IRL—it’s clear that this year we’re going big and going home.

Is it an attempt to create a sense of escapism in our space (motivated by the tropical, dreamy vibes of the small screen-dominant show The white lotus)? Or is it instead the desire to rekindle our emotional connection to those four walls that has seen us shift and grow in unimaginable ways over the past few years? Could it be possible that both of these desires work together – the need to curate a place we dream of visiting that is always available when we choose to access it?

These bigger questions were on my mind when I spoke to Midnet about his favorite living room decor ideas for 2023. I can confidently say that wherever you want to transform your space in the coming year, there’s a trend for it.

Picture of Home of Brian and Jessie De Lowe by Michelle Nash

Rounded edges and curves

“From sofas to lighting fixtures and everything in between, we’re seeing more rounded edges and curves at the forefront of trends for 2023,” notes Midnet. These pieces bring a more organic feel to the room. Midnet adds that choosing these softer shapes supports the more “rigid angles in a room.” The resulting effect is both aesthetically pleasing and makes efficient use of space. (Not sure how to fill that awkward corner? A rounded side table is a brilliant go-to.)

Gives vintage pieces a new life

According to Pinterest’s 2023 Trends Report (our holy grail of all things trending in the new year), the shift to older, pre-loved pieces will gain even more traction in the coming months. As we saw grandmillennial aesthetic capturing the design-oriented consciousness of 2022, this interest in not only sustainability, but nostalgia adds comfort to our living spaces. Skip the mass-produced pieces and opt instead for used, thrifted finds that let your living room reflect your unique style.

Picture of Jen Pinkston’s home by Michelle Nash

Cool lighting

The most commendable way to give your living room grand appeal in 2023? Living light fixtures. Midnet reports that homeowners will use accent lighting to express themselves in their spaces. “We often introduce these as unique focal points that add more color, texture and personality to the room or vignette.” For ideas on where to buy lighting online, see our list of favorites.


Along with vintage decor, Pinterest notes an increase in searches that further define the aesthetic: inputs for “maximalistic decor vintage” between September 2020 and September 2022 have increased by 350%. What does this indicate? A reimagining of how we incorporate antiques into our spaces. Instead of sticking to the traditional mood of the piece itself, find a way to bring the “more of everything” value of maximalism to the room.

And because that approach can quickly overwhelm your living room, you can ground the space by repeating a few (no more than three) colors, patterns or fabrics throughout the room. That way, you still create an impact while keeping the look conscious and contained.

Picture of Alex McCabe’s home by Nicole Ramsay

Rich, deep wall colors

This paint theme isn’t just true for bedrooms (as the image above suggests). While muted tones create a soothing environment perfect for our sleeping spaces, 2023’s paint trends suggest that we will see this take shape throughout our homes. Say goodbye to Millennial Pink – instead we see sexier shades that evoke all the comfort we could ever seek from our living room. Create great design drama through tones like aubergine, muted greens or even a moody brown.

Photo by Michelle Nash

Natural, lighter woods

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s a good chance you’ve seen lighter woods—sometimes even white—and natural accents take precedence in your social feeds’ algorithms. Yes, it’s true that these materials are everywhere, and for good reason. They add an organic element to any room, all while making your living room look clean and clear. Don’t call it sharp, call it consciously minimalist.

Actually using our living rooms

Beautiful house called this “multifunctionality” – we call it upgrading your living space in any way that suits your lifestyle. Whether it’s adding a low-key desk in the corner to act as your home office or add a bare cart for entertaining purposes. This is the year to make your living room work for you.

This post was originally published on September 26, 2021 and has since been updated.

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