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This one simple design change in the kids room made all the difference | Knowledge and joy

We recently made a few changes to one of my favorite rooms in the house: the children’s room!!

We were contacted earlier this year by Domino to make a feature about the children’s room and bathroom. (The feature went live on Domino this month – you can see it here!) We have kept the room secret for the last few months and made a few updates to it during that period. I’m excited to share what we’ve updated with you!

Design updates for children’s rooms, we have made in 2022

The primary changes we made to the children’s room in 2022 were to add a new red skylight (purchased at a local architectural antique shop) and add art to the walls.

In particular, the art was a missing piece in the puzzle I was really happy to find. The pieces we ended up adding really complement the design elements that were already in place in this space.

That’s how I chose the children’s room art

Art was a big part of this space that came together for basic design reasons. I took a few primary things into consideration when deciding on art for this space. These were a few of the things I had in mind:

1. I wanted to balance the children’s personalities and what they liked with art that complemented the existing design of the room. I would use the art to continue to create a space that encourages play and feels special to them.

2. One of the big goals I had was to find art that balanced the wallpaper. Personally, the stripe pattern can feel really busy and it can be a lot to look straight at. I wanted to bring art in to help break that pattern up.

3. Aesthetically, I was looking for pieces on a large scale which had a graphic character and could visually divide the large space.

3 tips for choosing art for the children’s room (or art for any playroom)

If you are choosing art for a children’s room (or any playful space) in your own home, these are a few things I would recommend keeping in mind.

1. Consider the story.

I like to find pieces that could spur a story on their supposed history or significance. This kind of art is especially fun to talk about with the kids. One of the pieces we brought into the room is off a lunar scientist and looks both retro and futuristic.

2. Look for interesting shapes.

I love art that highlights interesting, unexpected forms. It seems to spark the kids’ imagination, and it also provides a designer statement.

Complement your existing color palette.

When it comes to color in the design, I think children’s rooms tend to be more color specific and more whimsical in this way. We selected a few works of art for their room, mostly based on the color palette and how it played with the green, yellow, blue and red colors that were already in the room.

Most of the art we added was from Minted. One good thing about Minted in particular is that with some of their pieces you can adjust the color palette to one of several different options online before ordering.

Art product list

Strawberries Print by Heather Deffense via Minted (gifted)
Goose Print by Elliot Stokes via Minted (gifted)
Moon Explorer Print by Ed Hogan via Minted (gifted)
Two liter ship pressure by Elliot Stokes via Minted (gifted)
Geometric yellow and pink art, previously purchased from Rebellion art

Additional product sources for this room can be found at our Shop my homepage.

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