It’s a wrap at Miami Swim Week 2022, and here are the hottest trends

As Miami Swim Week draws to a close, buzz is about a dreamy week filled with designers showcasing their latest swimwear. More than 70 international brands showcased the new, next and most innovative designs fashionistas have seen in years. And it wasn’t all about the swimwear either, as some of the most exciting looks also included cover-ups.

Diversity on the runway

It wasn’t just the design that was refreshing this year, but also the level of diversity on the runway. For years there has been a call to see more in terms of size, race and ethnicity. There is also inclusion of people with disabilities, including bionic model and singer Marsha Elle. And on a side note, if you missed the Runway of Dreams adaptive fashion show in Los Angeles a few months ago, don’t miss the New York show, which will take place on September 12th at The Glasshouse in New York City, which will be hosted by Peloton’s first adaptive instructor, Logan Aldridge.

Micro Trend

While maybe not everyone is a fan, the loin cloth or micro bikini has made some waves. Maybe it was to be shocking or just to push the boundaries of Miami, a city known for being a bit scandalous. This two-piece set for swimming includes bottoms that are very similar to the old clothing style. Brands are showcasing this hot trend from Australia to Italy and in between.

Covers it up

Even those with the tiniest of bikinis might want to cover up, and they want to do it with a splash. One of the hottest trends was spotted Donna Leah Designs with the launch of her new Sizzle range. From moonlit dancing at your favorite beach club to lounging by the pool or on the beach, this is a new collection of cover-ups that work like a charm. Models were seen styling the sizzle range up and down with metallic sneakers or heels. Lexicon of Style, the NYC + TX based Latina creator, was seen in some sizzling looks with the Sizzle line.

Lingerie inspired look

Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L International, a global sourcing and design company, says shopping for swimwear is much like shopping for lingerie, a trend of the week. Just as underwear has been used as outerwear, swimwear blurs the lines with streetwear.

She shares that just like with intimate clothing, it’s important to understand your body type and how fabrics can offer support and shape. Many swimwear brands offer bra-sized swimsuits with bottoms that can be purchased separately. In terms of fabric innovations that are a constant in lingerie, some of the biggest for swimming include four-way stretch, which is fabric that stretches and recovers both widthwise and lengthwise. People love it because it provides maximum comfort. She also says that people are buying swimwear, as well as lingerie, made with sustainable fabrics such as Econyl®, which is made entirely from marine and landfill waste.

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