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A friend of mine from high school used to always write me on July 5th with a simple, clear message: “Happy End of Summer!!” An image was often attached to said text: the freshly supplied schooling at our local target. His point? As the second 4th of July comes to a close, it seems as a society we barrel toward what’s next—back to school, the fall season, or whatever special life this time of year may mean to you.

I’m not saying this to discourage you. Personally, I don’t want summer to end! I will soak it up for all it’s worth, mainly in the form of days of endless sunlight, warm weather, and the slower pace of life that summer represents at its best. I say it rather as a reminder. July is somehow almost over. August is in three days. And I hope you can find a moment in each day to enjoy what summer means to you.

Today on the blog, in our usual fashion, we take a look back at some of the things that caught our team’s attention on the Internet this month.

We have some fun recipes for you, many of which celebrate the summer season. Below you’ll find a refreshing cocktail recipe, some very good reads, a nice cool ride home and much more. We also share the most read articles and the best selling products on Wit & Delight throughout the month of July. We hope you find something (or many things) to enjoy in the links we’ve put together.

Have a wonderful weekend!

11 things we loved on the internet in July

1. The bold, yet not overwhelming pattern comes into play this trip home is a design lover’s dream.

2. The pandemic impulse buys we grew to hate. It is such an exciting read!

3. Our new Business Director, Erin, swear to these $4 collagen eye masks. “I heard about these from @kathleenjenningsbeauty and use them every day. I keep them in the fridge and put them on every morning to wake myself up.”

4. I made my very first (and then second and then third) Aperol Spritz at home this month and was surprised to find that it tasted much well, even with my amateur cocktail making skills. This “recipe” (or simple ratio distribution) is a good place to start if you want to make one for yourself.

5. W&D content creator Greta loved watching The summer I became beautiful this month. Have you seen it yet?

6. this article serves as a welcome reminder of the true meaning of texting your friends.

7. This Olive & June nail polish has become my favorite color for summer.

8. Simple steps you can take right now to improve your Instagram feed.

9. For animal and outdoor lovers, our brand director, Bridgette has a rec for you! “This is really geeky, but I’m really excited about it this bird app. It can identify the birds by sound. I have been able to identify the house finch that sings outside my window every morning.”

10. Let’s finish with a few book recommendations to inspire your next read! Erin recommends White ivy by Susie Yang, who said, “This is a light-hearted thriller (if that’s a thing) with great writing that touches a lot on class and race.”

11. I am reading The paper palace by Miranda Cowley Heller. I was completely engrossed in the storytelling and character development, with the author unraveling new pieces of context bit by bit. It is about one woman and the many complicated relationships around her; and at the heart of it all, the book is a tale of love, in all its many, complex forms.

W&D Top 5: Most read articles in July

1. 3 expensive products I bought that weren’t worth it

2. 14 interesting things you don’t know about me

3. July 2022 Horoscopes: Ride the Waves of Emotion

4. Kate’s Picks: 7 Things I Tried in June and Loved

5. 6 negative truths that are actually beneficial

W&D Top 5: Best selling products in July

1. A New Day Women’s Flutter Sleeveless Cut Out Dress 30 USD

2. Smith & Hawken 2pk Blackened Wood Patio Dining Chair 200 USD

3. All in Motion Contour Mid-Rise Shorts 4″ $16

4. All in Motion Seamless Crop Top $17

5. A New Day High-Rise linen pull-on trousers 25 USD

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