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If you are looking for a spectacular kitchen range that impresses both visually and functionally, this is it! Learn all about our new ILVE assortment in this comprehensive review.

With a combination of aesthetics, affordability and performance, this beautiful series of appliances is one to consider!

When we bought our lakeside cottage, we knew that while the bones were good, we would have a lot of work to do.

Fortunately, we have been able to gradually update this home from top to bottom, and still enjoy as much time at the lake. It is a special place for us and a place where we spend many weekends, holidays and vacations.

Updating the kitchen was one of our biggest tasks. We replaced the old tile with a new one White oak floorsadded Quartz countertops, painted the cabinets and installed a new backsplash. Only one important thing remained: the range.

We did so much research before buying ours Lacanche assortment to our primary home, and we knew this series would have to work just as hard for our family. As a professional food blogger, white goods have to fulfill many roles in our kitchen.

I’m so excited to get to cook with you (and easy to clean) this beautiful new series. Keep reading to learn how and why we chose one ELVEwhat we love about it and all the answers to your burning questions!

A close-up of a white ILVE range in a kitchen with white cabinets and brass fittings

What is ELVE?

First, you might be wondering where this brand came from and how we landed on this option.

ILVE (pronounced ill-vay) is an Italian white goods brand with a wide range of styles for beautiful freestanding cookers, hoods and accessories.

Originally founded in 1952, this is a brand that has stood the test of time internationally, but has only recently entered the market here in the United States.

Their ranges are commercial quality, beautifully made and also available in an incredible range of beautiful colours. The possibilities are endless, and luckily, they’re a more affordable way to bring beautiful European style into your home kitchen.

A white kitchen with wooden floors, with a white induction ILVE Majestic II series

Why you’ll love this series

  • There are 213 incredible custom colors to choose from – choose wisely and pick one you know you’ll love today as much as you will down the road.
  • Other trim finish metals are chrome, bronze and copper. I chose brass to work with our unvarnished brass hardware and bridge kitchen faucet!
  • ILVE is a proud manufacturer of induction ranges, which are actually a more sustainable choice for home kitchens. They are great for cooking and are the next big thing in home kitchens!
  • But they also make dual fuel stoves – with gas stove and electric oven. Do your research to determine what is best for your needs.
A close-up of a white ILVE range in a kitchen with white cabinets and brass fittings

Our ILVE series details

Buy your own ILVE assortment right here!

  • 36″ Majestic II
  • white (I was very close to choosing this beautiful one blue gray color – what do you think, did I make the right decision and stick with white?)
  • Electric (induction)
  • No window
  • Brass Trim
A white kitchen with wooden floors, with a white ILVE Majestic II series

Functional features

  • Smooth hob for easy cleaning
  • Induction technology
  • Touch screen operation
  • Fast preheating
  • Convection oven
  • 3.5 cu. feet Total oven capacity
  • Defrost function
  • Warming drawer
A white ilve series in a white kitchen


  • Make sure your wiring skills are correct for an ILVE – see note on electrical below.
  • Unpack your assortment and be sure to inspect it carefully for damage before signing the waybill.
  • To clean your induction cooker, simply use soap and water with a microfiber glass cleaning cloth and polish to shine.
  • You can still use your cast iron cookware on an induction hob – just use it carefully.
  • Try a silicone mat for your induction hob to prevent scratches and make cleaning easier!

A close-up of a white ILVE range in a kitchen with white cabinets and brass fittings

ILVE series electrical specifications

One thing that is important to consider when purchasing an ILVE induction range is that they require a four pin socket.

In our home (which was built in the 90’s) we had to have new wiring added to accommodate this type of connection. It was totally worth it, but something that everyone should note!

  • 220 – 240 volts
  • 50 amps
  • 4-pin wire

Frequently asked questions

What is a dual fuel range?

Dual fuel series combine the best of both worlds – with a gas stove and an electric stove, you get the right heating element, regardless of what you’re cooking!

What is the difference between ILVE majestic and Nostalgie?

There are three specific ILVE series styles: Majestic, Nostalgia and Techno. Majestic has the old European style and can be induction or dual fuel. Nostalgie is also a vintage-inspired style but features gas cooking. Techno is a much more modern and contemporary look.

Are ILVE series expensive?

Compared to other high-end European series, they are actually quite affordable. But they are definitely at the higher end of ranges for home kitchens in general. Our 36″ ILVE lists for just under $7,000.

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