How to style a jewelry stack

Written by: Amanda Chung


Published on: September 6, 2022

Fashion Editor: Ali Pew

Photo courtesy of Sandra Semburg

Neck mess, wrist party, ear image—the terms we use for a jewelry stack seem to imply that the shiny, compliment-gathering arrangement is serendipitous, as if the elaborate arrangement just…happened. More often than not, however, strategy is involved. Like a clever game of Tetris, it’s all about combining the right pieces in clever configurations to earn the most points. (Style points, that is.)

The neck

With real estate at your fingertips, strategic layering is the name of the game: Choose pieces that balance each other—you’ll consider length, yes, but also dimension and weight. Start with choker-length links, clip on a sparkly ball necklace for a dose of glamour, and finish with an intricate coin pendant or lucky charm.

The wrist

There are two ways to do this: You can keep things sleek and minimal, like Gwyneth did when she styled herself for the last G. Label Core Collection shoot (she put a single gold bracelet on each wrist, reminding us Wonder Women’s cuffs, but smarter). Or you can take a maximalist approach and layer the same bangle with a classic watch with leather straps and paper clips.

model poses

  1. Foundrae bracelet

    goop, $2,045


  2. ANALOG SHIFT Audemars piguet

    Analog switch
    Audemars piguet watch
    goop, $15,900


  3. G. Label Dixon floating diamond bracelet

    G. Label
    Dixon floating diamond bracelet
    goop, $4,800


The ears

An enviable ear stack is easy to achieve, whether you have a constellation of piercings or just a single hole in each lobe.

model poses

Start with Reid earrings with three hoops (they give the appearance of multiple earrings with a single insert). So, if you fall into the not-afraid-of-pins camp, layer the cartilage: The pieces—sparkly huggies, a single diamond bar—should get finer the higher you go. If, on the other hand, your lobes are your only real piercings, you can get a similarly edgy look with a well-placed ear cuff that approximates a conch piercing without the commitment.

  1. G. Label Balenger diamond stud earrings

    G. Label
    Ballenger earrings with diamond bar
    goop, $525


  2. G. Label Reid triple hoop earrings

    G. Label
    reid earrings with three hoops
    goop, $2,800


  3. Jennifer Meyer braces

    Jennifer Meyer
    goop, $3,100


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