How to lose weight in a healthy way

Weight loss is a topic that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. This topic is usually mixed with a lot of opinions that are not well informed. Without the proper knowledge of physiology and our current society, it is very difficult to understand this subject properly. Most people think that someone is overweight just because they eat too much and they need to stop. Obesity is a real problem that can never be good for anyone’s health.

But solving this problem of excess weight is not as easy as many people consider it to be. Getting to grips with the entire hormonal network that regulates our body mass is not an easy task to accomplish. This means that excess weight is almost always associated with irregular hormone balance. Dealing with this problem requires both your determination and the help of other experts and their knowledge.

Calorie intake

Losing weight doesn’t just mean eating less and less. This means that you take the number of calories your body needs, no more and no less. Fortunately, it is very easy to determine the calories you need with one Calorie Needs Calculator (CNC) which is quite easy to use. It is easily available online and you can get this very important parameter calculated in no time.

Just be careful not to follow this number as one of the holy commandments. Technically, one soda or piece of sugary cake can equal the calories you need from one lunch. This does not mean that it is ok to drink soda instead of eating lunch. Calories are also calculated based on how much heat a certain food produces during combustion. Our bodies don’t work like an oven, so how much energy we get from food always varies.

Do not fast

People usually associate diets with just eating less food, which is wrong. As mentioned earlier, you should not do this because fixed can be harmful. You can find many people who swear that fasting is a great thing and you should do it. And the truth is, that kind of diet can work for them and some other people. But each one of us has a unique body without a match in this world.

When you fast, your body relies on using fat stores as the main source of energy. This is what weight loss means, losing the excess adipose tissue. But when your body goes through such a process, it relies on making metabolic products that can be harmful to you. In small doses it is perfectly fine, but if you fast for too long, they can pile up. Some people are more resistant to these products and can fast for longer periods of time, most other people are not.


In addition to the right diet, you need a proper regime to use the excess energy stores. This is best done with exercise, and you need it. The key to losing weight includes a variety of changes in your everyday life, not just one or two things. Everyone knows you have to exercise, but no one tells you how to train and how much. Everyone is just suggesting that you should be shredded as soon as possible regardless of the cost.

The truth is that this process takes some time and it is not easy at all. People don’t understand that starting this journey is not all sunshine and rainbows as many represent it. Of course, there are some people who really managed to do it in no time. But again, those people are the exception and not the rule, and you shouldn’t look up to them. You should not let others dictate how easy or hard this journey is that you are about to start.

Having a realistic picture and goal

If you cloud your goals with becoming a gigachad or becoming the fittest supermodel, you are more likely to fail. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, the problem is when you stress about achieving that goal. When you have a big goal and realize you’re nowhere near it, the natural reaction is to feel bad and quit.

Many people set unrealistic goals which in turn lead to more harm to you. To make this journey healthy, know that you want to start small at first. And until you reach your goal, you’ll have to take a lot of smaller steps that won’t always be easy. This does not mean that you are not tough to handle it, you can do it, but you have to understand these things.

To understand that it is not your problem, it is systematic

Many people like to frame weight loss as something you should do alone. When someone is overweight, they always blame the other problem instead of looking at the bigger picture. No one is a gluttonous irresponsible person who just eats because they enjoy it. Any overweight person is in that situation due to a health problem or due to other systematic circumstances.

Few realize how much our hormones play a key factor in determining how much we eat. Few realize that people get fatter because there is sugar in everything we consume. Few know how much propaganda is hidden behind drinks like Coca-Cola or other types of food that are harmful to us.

These are the key concepts that you should know when losing weight. It is very important to know about these concepts and how to think about losing weight. There are countless tutorials that tell you how to do this, but you need a personal approach to achieve this. Rarely do these generalized tutorials go into detail that can totally help you in this very tough fight.

By knowing the facts and this mindset, you will be able to complete this journey. You will also complete this journey in a healthy way for both body and mind. It is very important to keep both of these intact when trying to lose weight. The mental health part of this journey is a topic for a much larger article that other experts are already trying to cover.

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