How to integrate Hygge into your home

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The Danish and Norwegian idea of ​​hygge, which is pronounced “hoo-guh”, has received a lot of attention as the seasons change. If you are not familiar with it, hygge is a lifestyle or feeling of coziness, connection with loved ones and pleasure. It’s a general feeling of coziness, well-being and contentment rather than a decorating style or self-care routine. As the weather turns chilly and we all look for more “coziness” in our lives, there are numerous ways to adapt and enjoy this Danish lifestyle. However, one of the most important aspects of comfort is create a homely environment that promotes happiness and health.

Include parts of nature

Although there may not be much greenery around during the winter months, hygge practitioners still bring it inside to enliven and brighten their homes. Another contributing element brings nature inside and creating a cozier, happier atmosphere is wood. A key component of the concept of coziness is feeling more connected to nature, which can be achieved with wooden floors, furniture or decor. Increase the amount of natural materials in your home by adding textured furniture, lots of clay, unpolished wood and new plants.

Light extra candles

For good reason, many people first think of coziness when they think of candles. A winter evening becomes beautiful by lighting candles, which lift the mood and cast a pleasant glow. Any place can be made cozier, more romantic and more intimate by switching from artificial lighting to candles. There is nothing more appealing than a room lit by candlelight, whether spending a night alone or hosting close friends. To add more candlelight and coziness-approved aromas to your room, check out our comprehensive guide to the season’s best candles.

Allow (more) light

Coziness is greatly influenced by natural light in general, not just candles. The Danes take their lighting very seriously due to their cloudy climate and the fact that it gets dark early when the seasons change. A cozy home maximizes the amount of daylight. Consider candles as your preferred option for evenings, but during the day, increase the amount of natural light in your home. To increase the amount of natural light in your home, keep the curtains open and place mirrors on the walls opposite the windows. Make smart lamp choices if your room has few windows or gets very dark all winter.

Establish the “hook”

Every cozy home requires the ideal place to relax by curling up with a blanket. In fact, the Danish word for this ideal corner is hyggekrog, which means “a pleasant corner.” Consider it your personal retreat where you can relax, read a book and enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Start with your coziest chair or a favorite sofa corner to build your own cozy corner. Place it by a window or add a warm lamp for soothing lighting, layer cushions and sheets to make it the coziest area in your house, and add a side table for the ideal place to set your favorite cup of tea. If you can’t find anywhere and are looking to do housing conversion then you can incorporate it.

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