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The exterior of the home can be just as important to your daily life as the interior. Much of the focus of our renovations and improvements can be focused on the exterior curb appeal which, make no mistake, can be valuable. However, there is also practical importance to the exterior, especially when it comes to your driveway. Here we will look at a few ideas you might want to consider to improve it.

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Do not allow water to rest on it

Allowing water to sit on your driveway can cause a few problems. First, it can contribute to the erosion of certain materials that driveways are made of, including paving stones. In winter, water can turn into ice, which can also make it dangerous. To that end, you should make sure there is a runoff strip on the side of the driveway to direct all water away from it. You should also check your gutter downspouts to make sure they are not emptying into the driveway.

Get rid of cracks and holes

The weight of a car is no small matter. Over time, loads, wear and tear on a driveway can cause cracks. Even worse, it can lead to holes. Hit a hole in the road when you’re trying to bring the car into the yard and it can cause real damage that you’ll have to pay to fix. To that end, you should look up infrared and patched holes to have a professional come out and restore your driveway to the condition it should be in. The first sign of a pothole doesn’t mean you have to replace it all after all.

Change the material

That said, when it comes time for a replacement, you may want to change both the look and practicality of your driveway. There are quite a few options for driveway material to consider, many of them differ significantly in budget. No matter how much you’re willing to spend, you have options, from concrete to pavers to gravel to asphalt. Just learn the pros and cons of each, as well as your needs (such as how local weather will affect it and how many cars you’ll need to park on it) to make the best choice.

Make more room for it

Whether you have trouble maneuvering in the space you currently have or you want to park more cars in your driveway, one way to improve it is to widen it. This will usually mean installing a brand new driveway, although some materials such as cobblestones may allow you to expand a bit more freely. Usually this means that the lawn or whatever else fills the garden needs to be cut down. This can be positive, as it also means less to look after.

Improving your driveway may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to home improvement, but that’s why it’s important to stop and consider it.

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