How to create the perfect bath

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It’s always great to go to the spa but not everyone has the time or money to go out for a spa day every now and then. Instead, you can try to create the experience of one in your home – and it’s not always the easiest!

However, with a great bath, you can get that spa feeling with just a few tools at your disposal. You can bring your own spa equipment, your own softener and even your own homemade bath bombs, but what makes the perfect bath? In this article, we will tell you a list of things that will really make a big difference:

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  1. Prepare it well! You need to be sure to pay attention to the preparation when trying to put together a bath, because it is your bath that will really relax you. You don’t want to sink into it to realize you forgot your products or your towel, do you? Set up the space correctly and make sure the bathroom and tub are clean and ready to be filled. You can add softer lighting in the form of candles, add soft music and a large pile of fluffy towels nearby.
  2. Add your products. Whether you’re looking at salts or bath bombs, add your products to the water while the water is running. There’s nothing better than sinking into scented water, and if you add some magnesium salt flakes, you’ll guarantee pure physical relaxation!
  3. Take a shower before the bath. When your bath is full and ready for you to sink into it, turn off the faucets and take a shower. Yes, a shower! When you sit in a bath before a shower, your skin cells and any dirt float to the surface and turn into foam. So don’t get up and let it all stick to your body. Exfoliate and scrub with soap under the shower and THEN get in the bath. You will feel much more relaxed about it.
  4. Add some essential oils. Your bath should relax you mentally as well as physically, and essential oils are the way to do that. You can use competing aromas to make your bath smell amazing, and you can even choose oils like lavender to really relax!
  5. Bring a drink and a snack. What better to add to the side of your bath than a snack? A glass of ice cold water or wine? A bowl of frozen grapes wouldn’t go amiss either! You can enhance your bathing experience when you add snacks and drinks because you want to make it all more immersive. A side table is all you need to keep all these things so you don’t have to get in and out of the bath.
  6. Get comfortable! Adding a bath pillow or soft mat under you will help you feel more comfortable in the tub. It can be uncomfortable at times, but you can sit back and relax when you have the right bath pillow.

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