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If you get sick and tired of the same food day in and day out, you’re not alone. Having nothing else in the house to prepare is something we all fall victim to, and it can make dinnertime boring and not worth participating in. But can you break the habit? Absolutely, with just a little variation!

After all, varying your diet not only makes your meals much more enjoyable, but it’s also fair good for you! When you eat more things across the food groups, your body has many more nutrients to draw from. And with that in mind, here’s how to make your regular diet good for you again.

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Always add something else to your plate

You have your main meal ready to go, great. Now it’s time to add something else to the plate just to give you something else to eat today. A small batch of green beans, a roasted pepper, a couple of fried mushrooms – it all counts. If you’re not sure what to add, choose something that can add a little more flavor that you wouldn’t normally eat.

Don’t be afraid of unusual combinations

Unusual food combinations can be scary. You may think to yourself, ‘I’m not supposed to pair these’, but if you want, give it a try! Maybe you just find a new dish you love, and when you eat in your own home, it’s not a problem. Chips and chocolate? Great!

Learn to use spices and herbs

Herbs and spices add so much to a dish, even when the basic components of a meal are just that: basic. You can take a chicken breast and turn it into a gourmet 5-star dish with just a few shakes of a seasoning and a little garnish on top when you’re done.

Commit to this method if you don’t quite have the budget to vary your diet right now. You can find a great recipe for rotisserie chicken here and then take it to the next level with an herb blend rubbed in 5 minutes before the tray goes into the oven.

Cook in bulk and freeze for later

One of the biggest reasons why a person’s diet becomes “the same” is due to a lack of time and energy. You just can’t be bothered to spend time cooking for yourself using different ingredients that are rich in flavor when you’ve already worked a whole day and still have a house to clean!

So why not cook up a bunch of stuff right now and then put it in the freezer? Meal prep, in other words, so you don’t have to put in the effort beyond finding a meal and putting it in the microwave? This is a sustainable way to vary your diet in the long term and will help you feel more energetic during your main meals.

Remember, if you need a little more variety in your meals, this is the way to start!

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