How do you like to organize your bag(s)? –

Low stakes question for today: how do you like to organize your bags – do you like it when bags have internal organizers, such as in the lining of the bag, or do you prefer to use your own organizers for easier switching between bags ? (Off topic, but somewhat related: when you travel, are you Team Packing Cube or Team Shove all the clothes in the bag?)

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For my $0.02: I tend to prefer using my own organization systems over the ones that come with bags. I have two small makeup sizes in my current crossbody. One of the bags has my super slim wallet, a lip gloss and a few loose Advil (yeah, I know). The other bag has less needed but nice to have items such as a tampon, bandaids, neosporin, earplugs and so on. These days I also have a ziploc bag full of masks for the whole family (whee). There are also some free-flowing items that move into whatever organization system the bags can afford—hand lotion, a sunscreen stick, gum, maybe an extra pair of sunglasses or a few wrapped lollipops to buy me time or sanity when I’m running errands with a whimper. child.

(I haven’t done a “what’s in my bag” post in years, but I’ve used similar systems in both my work bags and my diaper bagswhen we needed them.)

For packing – I wish I was Team Packing Cube, but I tend to be Team Shove all the clothes in the bag and then separate them into drawers at the destination. (If you’re Team Packing Cube, I’d love to hear your methods – do you do by day or by clothes? If you’re packing for multiple people, does everyone get their own packing cube, or do you combine, say, Day 1 stuff from multiple people? )

Readers, over to you – how do you like to organize your bag(s)? If you prefer included organizers that are part of the bag, you can take removable organizers (such as these removable that can move from box to box), or do you have your own small system?

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