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11 unique home decor products that are all budget friendly | Knowledge and joy

I love to restyle rooms in my home and do so often. One of the reasons I able to style a shelf or a coffee table when I’m in the mood is because I’re constantly collecting decor items that pique my interest. When I shop, I tend to look for pieces that have unique textures and interesting shapes, pieces that make a statement, and pieces that have a great personality. If it catches my eye, I’ll pick it up.

Sometimes it’s a handmade clay sculpture that someone made in high school that landed in Goodwill. Other times, it’s a precious antique that reminds me of my grandmother. These are the things that are unique to your experience, and that make a place for DIN. Not only does it take time to build a collection of these unique home decor products, but it also sometimes requires extra space in the budget.

Today I am sharing a summary of unique home decor products that look like they are from upscale stores but are all budget friendly.

This post is for anyone interested in adding a few unique pieces to their home while sticking to a budget in the process!


Opalhouse x Jungalow single handle vase

$ 35

This south will give a beautiful graphic statement on any shelf.


Anthropology Delaney Candlestick

$ 18

I could imagine a group of these candlesticks beautifully displayed on a coffee table.


West Elm Newgate Wideboy analog alarm clock

50 USD

I love the graphic look of this watch!


Goodee by Malaika Pomegranate candlestick

$ 48

This is such a cute little candlestick for your bedside table or bathroom counter.


West Elm MoMA wire mesh bowl

$ 53

These wire baskets are one of my favorite pieces that come from this collaboration. They come in three colors and would make a great statement on the kitchen table.


Anthropology x Lucie de Moyencourt Shell Vase

$ 68, currently on sale for $ 54

This is a true statement!


World market tufted velvet cushion

$ 17

I own a couple of these and they add a nice color to any room.


H&M hand-painted ceramic serving bowl

$ 25

Hand-painted texture always makes simple things like a serving bowl look unique.


Anthropology 3-in-1 game set

$ 69, currently on sale for $ 48

This game set also serves as entertainment and interior design.


Anthropologi Thara Vase

$ 48, currently on sale for $ 38

I love the texture and color of this vase!


Pottery Barn Teddy Sphere Pillow

$ 39, currently on sale for $ 31

This is a great shape and texture to add a bit of visual interest to your bed or sofa.

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