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It’s time for holiday parties and gatherings – so let’s discuss: what are your favorite things to do with groups? Do you have any favorite games or activities? Can drinks or appetizers? Holiday-related tasks you prefer to do in a group, like baking or decorating the tree? (Do you have any great gifts for your host(s)?)

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For my $.02 – We don’t usually have a large group for the holidays (and it’s been even smaller in recent years due to different approaches to the pandemic). When we have more than 12 people, especially for brunch, we love to do a Bloody Mary bar where people can add their own fixings. (If we’re hosting, we also tend to make a big soup (this one has been a hit).)

As for good gifts for hosts, I’m usually terribly boring and pick up a bottle of wine — I’d love any suggestions if you guys have any! I had a fleeting thought of maybe making a Christmas themed simple syrup as a gift for people (I looked at this recipe), but oh, it hasn’t happened yet.

In terms of games, if we have a small enough group and enough time, we enjoy making a plot driven game like a murder mystery or an Escape the Room type game — we bought Star Trek and wine themed. years. We had a couple of years where we also had people over for a woodcutter party.

Readers, what about you? What are your favorite group activities, recipes for groups and gifts for hosts?

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