As we move into the holiday season, I wanted to share three looks I’ve been loving lately, based on (fairly common) outfit situations that come up for me. I also decided to give each of these looks a little holiday-themed name. laugh out loud

In this post, I’m working with Walmart, which is a great resource for winter fashion finds. Even though I put these outfits together for myself, I also think Walmart has so many great gift options this year!

I’d love to hear in the comments which of these is your favorite look.

Home alone-

This outfit is very much about hanging out at home and having fun. Now that it gets darker earlier in the day, it’s usually dark by the time I finish work and pick up my son from daycare.

So I spend many evenings after he goes to bed watching holiday movies, doing a little festive baking, or making little craft projects while watching TV. It’s time to have fun a sweatshirt and enjoy being at home!

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The Holiday (Dress)-

While I don’t have tons of fancy holiday party plans, I do have a few gatherings I want to host or attend this year. And I LOVE this dress!

It’s cute and also super stretchy so it’s shockingly comfortable. And while it’s not as warm and cozy as pajamas, it’s not far off, so a total win for a cute dress I can wear to a holiday party.

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Baby, it’s cold outside-

Growing up, I usually got a layer every new winter season (as I had outgrown mine from the year before). So as an adult, I kind of love that I have a small, growing collection of winter coats that vary in how heavy they are.

It’s nice to be able to match yours Coat to your outfit or feeling that day, as well as the weather. I’m also obsessed with this fuzzy bag– such a fun find!

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I hope these looks inspire you to find something cozy, dressy and warm to wear this season!

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