Having a fun night out when you’re on a budget

A fun night in is something we all look forward to these days. After all, we are still in and out of the pandemic and the cost of living is squeezing us all – going out just isn’t suitable right now! But when it’s your 5th night of the month, things can get a little boring, right? Especially when you only have a small budget to work with.

That’s why we’ve come up with some ideas that will make your nights on the couch with a loved one or a few friends much more fun. Give them a chance to see if they can change your downtime plans.

Set up snack bowls

Snack bowls, and lots of them, tend to be a little cheaper than trying to do a buffet or a 3-course meal when you invite people over. Just have 3 to 4 bowls of tasty and ready-to-eat food and you can easily make your evening! Any and all guests can simply grab a plate and fill it with the finger foods we all love to eat.

Make a mess

If you’re spending the night on your own, why not make a mess? No, not just one you have to clean up again in the morning! We mean one that involves you involved in a fun hobby, where you can make lots of mistakes that don’t matter and leave a bit of a mess on the floor. When the night is over, you’ll be left with something creative you’ve made. Let yourself have fun and don’t worry too much about what to do or not having the right skill level – just go wild and see what it brings!

Mix your own cocktails

Mixing your own cocktails is a great way to add some spice to your evening. Cocktails are delicious even when they don’t have any alcohol in them, and they’re likely to get you tipsy much faster than a standard can of beer. Does not matter what plans you have in mind, you can invest in a shaker and whip up a few concoctions that will keep you going all night. From a glorious gold fever cocktail for the classic Martini (dirty or not!), take some time to mix and make and see what flavor combinations get you in the mood.

Game nights always work

If you’re getting bored with movie nights and simple dinner parties, start organizing game nights. Ask a few friends and family members around, break out the board and board games you know they like, and put people into teams when they arrive. You spend the night without even knowing it! If things go well, you can even get a little more creative here and create a quiz or murder mystery that you can all take part in.

Fun nights exist! Try some ideas like the ones above and make some new memories from home.

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