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What are you up to this weekend? I take the boys to an apple orchard to ring in the fall. We are also excited our NYC weekend trip giveaway! You (and your friends, partners and loved ones) can enter here anytime during the next week. Hope you are well and here are a few links from around the web…

How 10 women use their commute. “When my radio died a while ago, I panicked. But it’s actually been a gift from God. I choose to sit in silence. Silence is an oasis… I feel the same way when I fly . I don’t even bring a book. Idle awareness is a skill I recommend acquiring.”

If you have to wear heels, these are the best.

New love languagesincluding “pointing out the good dogs,” haha.

Do you want to paint your ceiling a color? These images are compelling.

Powerful, nuanced thinking about the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Wow, this documentary about arranged marriage was absolutely gripping.

Do or not: milky nails.

Book covers reimagined with celebrity images, i.a Persuasion, The Age of Innocence, Cyrano de Bergerac, The Scarlet Letterand Little Women.

Author Emma Straub’s funny, moving memory of his fatherwho “ate like a French king”, “enjoyed children immensely” and “was the damn best.”

Would you uproot your life and open an inn? This couple did. (NYTimes gift link)

Raspberry breakfast bars.

In addition, two reader comments:

Genevieve continues an easy school lunch formula: “When I was a child in England, every single sandwich was eaten. My parents had so many packed lunches that my mother ended up making 25 ham sandwiches on a Sunday (3 kids plus them) and freezing them and taking them out in the morning. I can still remember the unpleasant feeling of a bit of crispy ham with ice cream still in the middle.”

Says Laura further an easy school lunch formula: “My son was a VERY picky little guy so I used to make dried apples for his lunch. It was labor intensive as my cheap dehydrator took hours and required me to regularly rearrange the shelves. But I felt so good about send the apples for him. One day I asked him about them and he said, ‘They’re great! I can trade two of them for a whole bag of potato chips!!!'”

(Photo: Eldad Carin/Stocksy.)

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