From the first time we saw this home (see “before” photo below), I knew I wanted to do a tone-on-tone look for this room. I resented the paint color (why do I always do that?).

In the end, it was so worth it because I absolutely love our living room and our family enjoys it every day – from reading books by the fireplace to listening to our favorite records and doing puzzles.

I struggled with ours the open floor plan of the living area and sought solutions to make each room feel distinct and individual. In addition to adding arched openings, we created a floor-to-ceiling mid-tone in the living room to give the space its own personality.

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This space is one of the biggest transformations I have ever been a part of. Feel free to gasp audibly when you see the before picture below.

If you look closely, you will see dozens of small changes, but at a glance it seems that the glow is 90% “the power of paint.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the remodels we did: Replaced tile floors with hardwood, rebuilt the fireplace from scratch, reconfigured lighting (and added a chandelier), and moved the vent to make room for our giant wall of built-ins.

Green built-in shelves:

The green built-in shelves add storage and make so much to the room, visually. We store a large percentage of our children’s toys in the cupboards as well as our record collection.

I chose shelves that are not adjustable, so I spent a lot of time thinking about how we would use them and making sure they were big enough to display our largest art, records, books and decor.

This was my first experience with custom enclosures and it was worth the extra money and effort for me. I love how they reach the ceiling and look like they have always been part of the home.

Custom Tiled Fireplace:

We designed our fireplace from scratch after the original fireplace was (accidentally) destroyed during floor renovation. I took the opportunity to dive DEEP into Pinterest for a style that matched our home and felt classic and traditional.

The elements of the fireplace I love the most like the addition of the bench to the front (or as my 4 year old calls it “the stage,” haha) as well as the brick herringbone burner. This is a working gas fireplace that you can light with a remote control.

I first selected the subway tile Fireclay tiles in the color “Rosemary”. Next, I found a paint color that matched the tile as well as I could find. I’m really happy with the fight, and most of all, how it all feels very deliberate and cohesive.

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Sources: Pink Velvet sofa / Labyrinth carpet / Similar coffee table / Boucle chairs / chandelier / Tile / Rattan sconces

Budget sources: Pink Velvet sofa / Labyrinth carpet / Coffee table / Boucle chairs / chandelier / Rattan sconces

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