100 Realistic and Awesome Gift Ideas for Men – Most Under $100!

A gift guide to things men actually want, organized by price.

The older you are, the harder it is to ask for gifts. If you want or need something that’s reasonably priced… you’ve probably already bought it. If there’s a big-ticket item you’ve had your eye on, you probably don’t feel comfortable asking for it. You are self-sufficient and proud of it.

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving gifts, though, and it’s important to remember that gifts are an opportunity for people in your life to express how much they care. It is gentlemanly to suggest things that will mean something to you.

Don’t expect help from traditional gift guides for men. Most are a useless mix of trendy overpriced, unrealistic and just plain weird stuff that magazine editors *think* looks cool on a page.

So we’ve created a practical gift guide for practical guys with 100 suggestions for gadgets, essentials, clothing and household upgrades – things you probably don’t have but could definitely use. Check it out, share it, and even use it for birthdays, graduations, etc. Pretty much everything was chosen because it’s useful all year round, not just in December.

Our best gift guide ever.

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