Add some retro-futuristic vibes to your home with these 19 (!) free NASA posters

Look to the stars for some budget-friendly wall decor inspiration.

If our Ultimate collection of 42 free art prints didn’t contain anything that suited your fancy and cover your bare walls with visually arresting art, take a look at these nineteen totally bonkers, completely free and ready to download posters from the visual strategists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL).

See the rest of the collection here.

According to JPL’s website, the creative direction behind the retro-futuristic poster series, titled “Visions of the Future,” began as a way to celebrate NASA’s exploration of exoplanets, but later:

“[T]the director of JPL was vacationing in the Grand Canyon with his wife and they saw a similar style poster that reminded them of the exoplanet posters. They suggested that it might be wonderful to give a similar treatment to the amazing destinations in our solar system that JPL is currently exploring as part of NASA.

“The point was to share a sense of things at the edge of possibility that is closely related to the work our people are doing today. The JPL director has called our people ‘the architects of the future.'”

Encleladus, Titan and Europa NASA posters
More from the “Visions of the Future” collection.

You can read more about the creative vision behind each poster (and download them all) on NASA’s JPL website under the “Gallery” section, or simply follow this link: Future visions.

How about printing and framing your poster?

In it Ultimate collection of 42 free art prints article shared above, we included our favorite tips for affordable printing and stylish framing, so it bears repeating here!

Our top money-saving tip for printing is to use Costco Photo Center, FedEx Office, or Staples Printing & Marketing Services. Note that some printing options are only available in-store or not available at all Costco, FedEx or Staples locations, so if you cannot order online, please call your local store and ask for their printing options and advice.

According to the JPL website, each image from the “Visions of the Future” collection must be printed at 20″x30″, so specify the correct size for your printing service.

NASA posters for Venus, Ceres and Jupiter
More from the “Visions of the Future” collection.

While our favorite IKEA poster frames (all under $30) are either slightly less than 20″x30″ or slightly larger, you should be able to make them work either by cropping edges or printing slightly smaller with the print option you choose. Alternatively is a well-reviewed, budget-friendly option this frame from Walmartbut if you don’t mind a little treasure hunting, we recommend scouring your local thrift stores and flea markets, where you’re sure to find an appropriately sized frame for a bargain.

Which poster(s) do you plan to download and frame? Take a photo of your new art and tag us on Instagram @primermagazine when your posters are up!

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