What happens when you fall in love with your holiday destination?

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First, you decided to visit a new place because of great pictures you have seen online. Whether you

  • was fascinated by an ancient man-made structure still standing proudly long after the civilization it was built for had disappeared
  • found yourself dreaming of the crystal clear sea and the clear blue sky
  • discovered unusual cultural sights and customs that you would like to explore face-to-face
  • or admired the juxtaposition of modern buildings and historical sites in the same city

… Whatever the reason you chose to visit a new place, something wonderful happened. It was even better than you imagined. It was everything you hoped for and more. You fell head over heels in love with your holiday destination. How can you stay in your dream place a little longer? It turns out that every year many travelers fall under the charm of a new city or a new country. This is how they approach the next step:

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They decided to move in

Moving to a new area is always scary. However, you can find different options to make the process more relaxing. First of all, even if you are moving a short distance, you should consider contacting a professional moverswho can help pack and transport your belongings safely.

If you are moving abroad, there will be many more considerations to decide on. First, what happens to your current home? Some travelers prefer to leave their home and become a landlord. Working with a letting agency ensures that they will receive a regular income for the property even while they are away. It also gives you a place to fall back on if your international efforts fail. Alternatively, you may prefer to sell if you wish to use the money to settle somewhere far away.

They are looking for flexible work opportunities

With flexible working arrangements, you can travel and work at the same time, as long as you have a secure broadband connection. If you are unsure whether to move abroad, but simply want to extend your time in your dream destination, telecommuting can be a good way to do it. Keep in mind that not all employers are open to it fully flexible and international work solutions. However, more and more companies are open to having experts off-site.

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They decide to invest in a summer house there

If you’ve fallen in love with the place, chances are others will too! So instead of starting a new adventure and funding it with your savings, why not let your dream destination pay for it? Buying a holiday home can give you the opportunity to start a rental business. Vacation rentals have the potential to be highly profitable in popular destinations.

Furthermore, there is nothing to prevent you from making the rental your primary residence once the investment has been paid in full. Even if you decide to keep the rental as such, it gives you a place to stay when you come on your next visit.

When your vacation destination resonates with your soul, sometimes you can’t help but want to make a connection. Are you going to move in, extend your stay or buy a home there? Each option has its advantages. Which one would you choose?

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