Experts share what you need to know about shopping for swimwear

It’s summer and that means long lazy days at the beach and parties by the pool. The common denominator for both is, in addition to having fun, that you should wear a swimsuit that looks good and makes you feel confident. That’s true for everyone! Fortunately, experts from a world of guys’ board shorts, lingerie and swimwear share their insights on keeping things casual.

The lingerie industry innovator, Dora Lau, who is also the founder and president of Dora L International, shares his tips based on decades of experience in the lingerie industry. “Over the last two years, we have come to appreciate the importance of comfort in everything we wear. It also includes our bras and swimwear. Trendy swim looks emphasize street to swim and swim to street styling These pieces need to be comfortable all day so you can go from brunch to the beach and out again!

In particular, Lau really understands fit and styling for plus size. “A flattering swimsuit is important and it should feel good on the body,” she says. “Women with full figure often prefer a control aspect or sculpture to their swimwear and therefore opt for a discreet power mesh belly panel that can help smooth out the silhouette.”

Sabrina Childress-Miller is the owner of KuteClassicswhose mission is “csomething for a cause. “Every item they make and sell on the site benefits a charity and currently supports the company: sickle cell disease, domestic violence, bullying and depression. Sabrina says to”try something new and daring. You will be amazed at how incredibly versatile swimwear has become over the years. Shaming body shape in swimwear is almost a thing of the past, as designers create pieces that challenge the norm and have a whole personality. “

Even guys need guidance when shopping to swim. Lee W Johnson, Founder of Old Bull Leesays guys should not buy based on inner seam. “Buy based on overall length. He explains that younger men tend to like shorter lengths (16” – 18 “), while older men tend to like the length down to the top of the knee or slightly under (18 “- 19”). He explains things further and says: “There is great variation in terms of waist size and fit, even within brands. Big brands use more manufacturers, from more countries, and what is lost in it is consistency. A 33 ”waistband that you bought last year could be +/- an inch different the next time you buy it. This is less important with cords, but for board shorts that rely on friction, an inch is the difference between something that stays in the water and something that falls off. “

Repeating the calls to wear what makes you feel safe is Jodie Filogomo from Jodie’s Touch of Style. She says, “My suggestion with any online order is to check the return policy FIRST. When you know that you can return items for free or in person at the store, then you will want to fill up your shopping cart. I always suggest ordering many different suits and in many different sizes. You never know how the size will go, even if you read the reviews. “

If you’re looking for a tip that can make a huge difference, take it from Yulia Drummond, designer and creator of Water swim. “Knowing your goals is the key to finding a perfect fit bikini that will not sink or lose its shape after use. There are no ‘body type’ rules for buying or wearing a swimsuit. If you are more comfortable in one piece “Find brands that offer support, coverage and style. If you feel sexy, radiant and ready to go to the pool, you have the right swimsuit for your body!” she explains.

Drummond continues, “More and more women are embracing bold colors, shimmer, metallic and swimwear with a belt! While bikinis are always in style, swimsuits with sexy cutouts are also very popular right now. My clients love cute bathing shirts and skirts that are still flirty and fun, while offering a little more coverage.I find that many women are also looking for push-up support, regardless of their size or body type.Good breast support not only flatters any body, but is often more comfortable, especially if you plans to be very active or to be in swimwear all day. ”

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