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Everything you need for outdoor dining!

The weather is warming up, and that means your parties and dining experiences are moving outdoors!

Whether you’re having a big party that you want to host, a family dinner on the patio, or it’s just you and your girlfriend and a few glasses watermelon frozenwe have a list of all the things you need to get your outdoor dining started.

From sturdy plates and cups, tablecloths and napkins, food covers, ice buckets and coolers, now you can party from summer and all the way into autumn … and if you are looking for garden furniture, check it out The best outdoor furniture!

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woman sitting at an outdoor table and eating

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white food cover / wicker tray / strawberry dish / wooden tray / checkered tablecloth / pink plate / silverware / watermelon napkins and plates / cake stand / food cover set / checkered napkins / watermelon dew / dining room set / bamboo plate / white tray

Elsie has been thrilled with how much she loves food covers like these (this is more one metal dome style) to keep bugs and flies away from your spread. And to have a number of hills carrying and showing food is a must.

Nothing says summer like a checkered tablecloth or napkins and small accents of watermelon are always a summer favorite.

Broken plates and cups outdoors can be a real party killer, so the choice of serving items without glass keeps the party going, even if there is waste …

collage of outdoor dining

terrace cooler / fluted pink glass / white drinking vessel / pink high tumbler / flutes jug / can have fun / tall boy can have fun / vending machine / stained glassware / cactus beverage dispenser / orange jug / gold salad seaweed / gold spatula / pink vintage cooler / is tense

If you have larger companies, a terrace cooler may be a lifesaver, but a drinking vessel or two is the perfect choice for smaller gatherings.

Use of can fun keep your drinks cold for hours and they are perfect party gifts for a summer gathering.

Jugs are good for a small batch of margaritasbut vending machines are the way to go for bigger parties so people can serve themselves.

Do not forget a spice caddy so you can hold all the sausage fittings together! Great hosting!

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