Best skin care products – with pure ingredients!

I LOVE skincare. I could go on and on and on about it. I love it so much! In today’s post, I’m sharing the best (and my favorite) skin care products with clean ingredients.

These are things I use daily and religiously. I divide them by morning and evening routines. The night routine is of course much more important! I hope you enjoy a peek into my medicine cabinet.

When recently asked to describe my skin type, my answer was “old”. Haha. I was joking of course! I know I’m still young(ISH). But being 39 means taking good care of my skin morning, noon and night.

If you’re reading this and you’re 22, believe me when I say – the earlier you start, the better. Just removing ALL your makeup every night and keeping your skin toned and hydrated can make a huge difference.

And you don’t need a lot of expensive products. Toner and coconut oil can get you pretty far if you’re on a budget and don’t know where to start.

In my opinion, it is the most important element of a skin care routine consistency.

Morning routine:


Every morning I wake up, splash some water on my face (and towel dry), brush my teeth and then immediately reach for my Thayer’s tones. It is an element of my routine that I never go without. I prefer unscented version.

You can dab toner on your face with a cotton pad or your hands to press it into your face. During the winter I tend to have drier skin – I often use toners to keep my dry skin at bay.

Face Mist

Next, I spray my face with a mist. I am currently using and loving Sea Vitamin Boost from Osea. Mists make my skin feel fresh and it’s part of my morning routine that actually helps me wake up. I wake up really early at the moment with two kids so it’s not always pretty.


When I’m not wearing makeup, I’m wearing something Summer Friday Cloud Dew. It’s a great texture and a lovely, natural scent. When I’m not wearing makeup (which is often), I still try to keep my skin very moisturized.

If I’m wearing makeup, I skip it Cloud Dewbecause natural primer and pure foundation I use gives lots of moisture. Speaking of makeup, you see my clean makeup routine here.

Do you love a good toner? Check out 3 easy moisturizing toners you can make at home!

Night routine:

Cleaning agent

I use Leahlani Bless Balm like my oil cleanser beautiful often. Oil cleansing is my favorite. All you have to do is rub the product into your skin (you can use pretty much any kind facial oil before that).

Then pour warm water onto a fresh washcloth and press it into your skin for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this a few times if you have a lot of makeup on. It just melts off.

When I don’t oil cleanse, I use Honest Gentle Gel Cleanser. It’s great for all skin types.


I love Moon Juice Acid Potion as my exfoliant. A few months ago I experienced a lot of breakouts around my mouth area. It got worse and worse.

After not having any facials or skin treatments for a year, my skin in general just wasn’t at its best. I read a review of this product on another blog and ordered it immediately. It has worked wonders for me.

At first I used it every day. So when my skin cleared up I started using it every other night or a few times a week. I will definitely keep it in my routine as this is one of the first times a product has created an immediate result for my skin.

Night cream

I absolutely love it Osea’s Atmosphere Protection Cream. I was looking for a night cream with good ingredients and this one smells and feels amazing.

I’m obsessed with them too Vagus Nerve Cushion Mist. It has so many incredible five star reviews. I have found that sticking to a nighttime routine has greatly improved my sleep quality!

One last thing that I forgot to include in a picture (but use every single night) is a lip sleeping mask. It’s super thick and the ultimate remedy for dry lips that I often have. I love it and use it every single night right when I go to bed.

Links: Thayer’s notes / Sea Vitamin Boost / Acid potion / Bless Balsam / Cloud Dew / Atmospheric protection cream / Vagus Nerve Cushion Mist / Lip Sleeping Mask / Honest Gel Cleanser

I’d love to hear if there are any skincare products you use and love, especially in the clean skincare category! Check out Emma’s skincare routine for all her favourites! xx- Elsie

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