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Let’s talk about deck lighting!! From sun deck light to LED stair light, the possibilities are endless and can be a little overwhelming, right? Get all the information you need to improve the safety of your tires, as well as the mood.

While security is an important part of any outdoor space, you also want it to look and feel inviting. Lighting helps to create the warm and cozy atmosphere in any room in your home – including your outdoor living spaces.

When we replaced the old deck by our cottage by the lake, we started receiving a lot of questions about the materials we chose. We have been thrilled with the results of this project!

I love chatting with you about all elements of light and design. We have shared all the details of ours vinyl tirestogether with railings of glass decks. Find ours teak outdoor furniture here and if you would like to see the full tour of our lake cottagehead over!

Today we focus on deck lighting. If you’re getting ready to renovate or upgrade your tire, this post is for you! Learn about sun deck lights, LED stair lights and more.

Throughout this post you will see pictures of our tires during the day and at night. You will also find good sources for all the lighting you need.

Use the Table of Contents drop-down menu to easily navigate this post, and don’t forget to pin and save for later!

White vinyl deck staircase with discreet deck lighting on every other step.

Why do you need tire lighting?

Outdoor lighting is important because it is both beautiful and functional. Ideally, you will surely enlighten your busiest areas and at the same time enhance the beauty of your gardens and outdoor living rooms.

What areas should you highlight? Consider the following options for your patio or patio:

  • Eating area
  • The tires
  • Tire railings
  • Landscaping
  • Architectural features

Of course, mounted lighting installed by professionals will give you the most polished look. But there are so many other options!

Consider light stringlanterns, battery-powered candles and solar cell lighting for extra charm, affordability and easy installation.

Types of cover lights

Here are the most popular types of deck lighting.

  • Staircase: Consider options such as surface mounts, flat mounts, style lights and weatherproof LED strip lights.
  • Spotlights, Uplights and Downlights: Illuminate paths and footbridges, offer special landscape elements, anchors for walls, roofs and trees.
  • Post caps and rail lights: These are decorative fixtures that are attached to the top of posts or rails.

That’s why we chose our LED stair light

After much research, we went with these discreet Dek Dot lights (linked to in the sources below). Why?

  • LED
  • Wet rated for places
  • Low voltage
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy installation
Three little girls on white deck steps decorated with pumpkins


  • Weather resistance is very important – double check to make sure your lights are rated for outdoor use.
  • It is easy to match the finish of your lights to the finish of your tire for a discreet look in the daytime. In our case, we added white lights to our white vinyl deck stairs.
  • But if you want to express yourself more, that’s wonderful too! Check out the copper beauties in the source list below.
  • For deck stair lighting, you may want to consider adding one or two more lights every other step. In our case, this was plenty of lighting for safety!

White vinyl deck staircase with discreet deck lighting on every other step.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to turn on a tire?

The best way to illuminate a tire is to use at least two different light sources to increase both safety and ambiance. Consider light chains, deck stair lights and post lights or floor lights for a variety of.

Where should patio lights be placed?

A good way to ensure adequate tire lighting is to add pole lights, as the distance is already managed for you. You can also add stair lights to ensure safety.

How far apart should patio lights be?

To make sure you do not overdo it, it is a good idea to place your new lights about four feet apart. On stairs and areas where the lights should be closer to each other, aim for a lower voltage light so that the room is generally not too bright.

Stair lights and light loop on white vinyl deck

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