Seriously cute phone accessories that maximize productivity and prioritize style

A phone is a phone is a phone—said no one, ever. While many of us have love/hate relationship with our phones (we are constantly preparing to break up with them and at the same time fully dependent on them), it is an undisputed fact: it is difficult – re: impossible – to function in our world today without them. Our phones allow us to work, connect, and communicate. As nice as it may sound to ditch your phone for the day, existing phone-free is a big task. And if we’re going to give in, we might as well treat ourselves to some cute phone accessories, right?

In this season of materialistic mania, prioritizing our purchases is a challenging feat. Personally, I put products that mix style and productivity at the top of my list. In a time of inflation, I want to ensure my purchases are design driven and help streamline mine everyday rituals and routines. Enter: cute phone accessories that make charging, handling and listening a breeze your favorite podcasts the easier and more fun.

So let’s raise our most important piece of technology – even if you’re still hanging on to your iPhone 8.

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18 cute phone accessories that will enhance your technology

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Phone cases

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Phone stands and charging stations

Whether you’re using it to capture content, FaceTime a friend, or watch something hands-free, the best stands (and if you’re lucky, hybrid chargers) give your fingers a much-needed break. Bonus: They’ll add a little aesthetic flair to any nightstand, kitchen counter or desk.

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Headphones and earplugs

When the pandemic hit, my AirPods were my saving grace. I could take meetings anywhere, and walks became an opportunity to catch up on my audiobooks. With a solid pair of headphones, the possibilities are endless.

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Telephone handles and grips

While I would like to consider myself graceful in other aspects of life, my phone handling skills leave room for improvement. If you also drop your phone several times throughout the day (no? just me?), this accessory offers a much-needed helping hand.

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Bluetooth speakers

For music lovers, podcast devotees and anyone who appreciates solid sound while lounging by the pool or cooking at home.

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