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While the “tendencies” which New York Times Style section reports on don’t always qualify as actual real-world trends, last week’s story “Who Wears Crop Tops to the Office?” certainly seems grounded in reality. So let’s talk about it today! (We also linked to the article in last week’s news post.)

So tell us, readers: Have you seen any Gen Zers (or anyone else) wearing crop tops in your workplace? (Related: Do you work in an office that has drastically relaxed its dress code since the dawn of time?) Do you think there’s any way to style crop tops that would make them at least marginally acceptable in the office?

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To start this open thread, here a few excerpts from the story to discuss – especially the parts we have in bold:

On TikTok, videos showing crop tops as workwear often draw criticism from users, including accusations of unprofessionalism and suggestions that the posters are merely cosplaying the lives of actual office workers. But the trend has also been praised, especially by members of Gen Z, who a stylish demonstration of resistance to the status quo.

As the fashion trends of the 1990s and early 2000s continue to grow in popularity, tops that are cropped or perforated with eccentric cutouts are widely available in stores today. Many retail sites, including Revolve, Forever 21, Asos, Shein and Fashion Nova, feature crop tops in their workwear categories alongside miniskirts and backless blouses. Based on how they are presented online, the recent graduate could be forgiven for thinking that crop tops are unassailably appropriate for the office.

Last week Weekend open threada commenter posted a link to the NYT story and it was prompted a reader discussion that included the appropriate response, “Oh no. No no no no no.”

Readers were particularly aware that some of the women interviewed simply do not like “the idea of ​​spending money on professional clothes that [they] will only wear a few days a week.” After all, as one commenter pointed out, “Work clothes can be cheap.”

Taking a quick look at TikTok, I found a lot videos about wearing crop tops to work, where some women say they do it because they are the ONLY shirts they have. (As someone old enough to have a kid who is younger Gen Z, I would say to them, “But don’t you feel cold in the winter?! Get off my lawn too!”)

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Readers, what are your thoughts? How would someone wearing a crop top be handled by your office?

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