Create a home that invites guests: 3 tips

Are you someone who loves guests? Do you always invite people to movie night, karaoke night or game night? You want to create a space that people want to stay in. It can be quite easy to create an area that, by its very purpose, says that your guests are happily welcome, as long as you know what you’re doing. Read our guide to making your guests feel welcome with your decor for some tips.

Create a common area

The way you signal to anyone who visits your home is to give them a place to sit with you. The most common way to do this is with a dining table, which offers a common area for eating, drinking, playing board games and more.

But to channel someone else tips for a welcoming home, a squishy and comfortable space is also an option. Think a collection of small, intimate, squishy chairs, lots of sheets and rugs, and mood lighting to create a very cozy space where people can relax. If you are rethinking your communal furniture, but have trouble finding the money, you can investigate furniture financing. Even if you have bad credit furniture store finance can help you with a buy now pay later policy that will take the weight off paying immediately.

Decorate your entrance hall

Formerly one of the most neglected parts of the home, the entryway has made a comeback lately. Instagram and TikTok are full of creators showing you how the entryway doesn’t have to be the place where you throw your keys and ask your kids to put on their shoes, it can also be a place where you can impress your guests with the same. If you have a porch, you can put it out, not with last week’s unopened mail, but with a statement color and a nice plant. If your door is right next to a bare wall and a radiator, a simple shelf above the radiator, some decor and a statement mirror is a simple way to break through and open up the room.

Create a place where they can turn

If you have a spare room that is not occupied by a permanent resident, there are many things you can do with it. But if you don’t land on one of those ideas, chances are it will end up in the room where everything just ends up: the Christmas ornament, the bike, the mop, etc.

So why not use the spare room as it was originally intended: a place to sleep in. If you’ve got friends around, you’ve no doubt had the conversation of “Do you want a drink?” “No one. I’d like to, but I have to drive home”, and it would be nice to say: “Crack here!” Also very useful if your friends or family traveled quite a distance to get to you.

And you can have fun when you play B&B owner and make the one room up to hotel standards. You don’t have to completely occupy the extra room. If you like the idea of ​​a home office, just grab yourself a daybed or pull-out bed and turn your spare room into a multi-purpose space. Getting a bed with storage elements is also a good way to make sure you get the most out of your spare room.

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