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Adding an aromatic cedar wreath to your home for the holidays is the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in. Capture the scent, warmth and cozy feeling of Christmas with fresh or imitation cedar garlands.

Learn where to buy them, how to care for them and more in this complete guide!

If you are looking for Christmas greenery and green garlands, don’t miss these incredible round-ups we’ve shared. You’ll find options for fresh, faux and pre-lit garlands and greenery to decorate every nook and cranny of your home.

In fact, I have you covered how to keep Christmas greenery freshand special styles such as pine wreath. I have shown you a lot of fun options for how to make wreathsalso!

As much as I appreciate the practicality of permanent botanicals like high-quality faux wreaths and garlands, there’s just something special about fresh. The movement, drape and scent can never be replicated – but we sure can try!

In fact, for many years I will often use a combination of fresh and imitation greens to decorate for the holidays over a longer period of time. This allows us to photograph rooms as they are decorated, which prolongs the joy!

This post will share more of my favorite garland and greenery tips along with sources for buying fresh cedar wreath, faux cedar wreath and more. Let’s learn a little more together!

Fresh cedar wreath on a staircase, tied with blue ribbon

Why You’ll Love Cedar Garland

  • The most beautiful drapery
  • Incredible fragrance
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Long lasting
Fresh cedar wreath on a kitchen door, tied with blue ribbon

About the Cedar Garland

Cedars, pines and more are often used interchangeably with the term “evergreen” in our part of the country. There are technically four different species of cedar, with many subtypes falling under each species.

True cedars are conifers widely loved for their spicy scent, strong wood and evergreen spiral foliage.

At holidays, this green usually speaks of the warmth, fragrance and beauty of the season. Interestingly, most of the cedar used commercially for holiday garlands is actually considered a “false cedar” because they are not of a true genus of cedar.

The most popular cedars on the garland market are Incense Cedar and Western Red Cedar. These are both native to the Pacific Northwest and help create spectacular scent and style in your home!


  • Buy the freshest cedar wreath you can find to ensure longevity.
  • Soak in water overnight before hanging.
  • The use anti-drying spray (also called an anti-transparent) to help seal in the moisture.
  • You can also buy the anti-desiccant as a concentrate that can be mixed with your water before you soak your fresh vegetables. I’ve found this to be less messy than the spray bottle of Wilt Stop and perhaps even more thorough, ensuring all the green is covered.
  • Mist your fresh cedar garlands and wreaths every 2-3 days for extra moisture.

An entryway with a fresh cedar wreath on the stairs and a fresh wreath over a chest of drawers.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the cedar wreath last?

It depends both on your climate and where you hang the garland! We have found that cedar lasts much longer on the exterior of our homes here in the Midwest – up to four weeks in fact!
If you hang this garland inside your home, it will often begin to dry within 3-4 days. Extend the life of your garlands with one anti-drying spray to seal the moisture. Read more garland tips here to enjoy them for longer!

How do you hang cedar garland?

Use your favorite removable self-adhesive hookswhich allows you to hang your cedar garlands without damaging walls.

You can also add a small, hidden seam around door frames and on mantels if you’re sure you’ll use them year after year. Attach to the nails with fishing line or twine and you’re good to go!

How to decorate a cedar wreath?

You definitely don’t need to do any additional decorating at all! However, consider adding pretty ornaments, fairy lights, and even additional garlands of stars, bells, etc.

Fresh cedar wreath on a kitchen door, tied with blue ribbon

Where to use it

There are so many amazing ways to use this beautiful holiday green because it just has such a lovely, full drape. It can fill every corner of your home with fragrance and lush color!

Consider the following ideas:

  • On your stairs
  • Add charm to yours bedrooms for the holidays
  • Draped over yours Cloak
  • Above an entrance door
  • Front porches
  • On external lanterns and light fixtures
  • On your mailbox
  • Over doorways between rooms
  • And even as one center point!

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Sources of fresh cedar wreath

Faux Cedar Garland Sources

What do you think? Incorporating fresh or faux garlands into your home for the holidays this year? I hope you enjoyed this series!

I would love to hear from you!

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