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From left: Ally’s partner; Cup of Jo readers Ally and Emma; and Emma’s partner.

Cup of Jo readers are famously good storytellers, so it’s no surprise that some truly inspiring stuff comes down in the comments sections. We asked readers to share their favorite “come to the blog, stay for the comments” moment…

On finding friendship:

“After this post set in motion a flurry of reader meetings, we – Ally and Emma – decided to get together for a trip, even though we had never met each other. As we talked, we were surprised to realize that the following Tuesday, we were both headed to Mexico… on the same plane… to the same small town. So a blind date for friendship turned into international travel plans within three days! We went to the beach, saw baby sea turtles being released, and took sunset photos together like we’d known each other for years (pictured above). We love sharing our origin story with people – ‘we met in the comments on our favorite blog’ never ceases to amaze.” — Ally and Emma

“I went to a NYC gathering for people who responded to a post about making friends as an adult. I met a fellow reader who had recently moved to the city and wanted to start a wine club. Now, years later, our wine club still meets every single month. We come from all walks of life and would never have met if I hadn’t commented on that post years ago. Eternally grateful.” — Lauren

About words to remember:

“Years ago I read a comment about how water makes everything better. When I’m sad, I take a shower, cry or drink a big glass of water. It works 99% of the time!” — Hannah

“When I return a shopping cart in the parking lot, I always think:”Do it for Larry.'” — Lisa

About binding over books:

“Several years ago there was a post about books that ended up with hundreds of comments from readers’ all-time favorites. I made a huge list and in the last three years I’ve read through them all. This is impressive to me because I used to average two to three books a year, but now I average 20! Thanks, CoJ, for expanding my horizons. — Shailaja

“When my kids were toddlers both my parents went through cancer treatments and it was a very challenging time. I bookmarked an Ashley Ford post about romance novels and began to read through her list, beginning with The hating game. After I finished them, I started reading the books recommended in the comments. I felt supported by a community I trusted.” — Kate

About wedding planning:

“My then fiance and I found our first dance song in the Cup of Jo comments! I listened to songs recommended on this postand when I heard Crowded table by Highwomen I was hooked on the uplifting chorus and fantastic lyrics. The song now means so much to my partner and me and sets the perfect tone for our marriage.” — Juliette

“While planning the wedding, I was looking for readings that weren’t Bible verses. I stumbled upon this this poetry post. Deep in the comments someone mentioned Mouthful of Forever by Clementine von Radics. When I first read it, I sat at my desk at work and cried. My mother read the poem during our ceremony and I will always remember how her voice caught the last few lines. I would never have found this poem without the wonderful readers of Cup of Jo. So thank you!” — Joanna

On dealing with grief:

“We lost our first child to a congenital heart defect three days after her birth. Later I read a post where the interviewee said she was a ‘mother of two’ having lost a baby herself. It resonated with me and I shared in the comments that I was a mother of one. Another reader replied: ‘Be kind to yourself, especially on the hard days.’ Showing kindness to ourselves can feel foreign, but it was a lesson I desperately needed. I’ve since shared the feeling with others, and it always tugs at my heart.” – Kelsey

“I work with stage four cancer patients and the most insightful comments I have ever read have been in response to them posts about grief. They have changed how I treat difficult situations with patients in their understanding of what is happening. Now when someone experiences a loss, I share these posts with them. They have made a huge difference to me and those I care about.” — Tricia

About the best relationship advice:

“Five years ago I was deep in the process of deciding whether I should have children or not. I fell over a post called ‘I’m not sure if I want kids or not. How do you decide?’ I searched the comments section for hours, late into the night. I felt such a camaraderie with these people even though we had never met. The range and depth of the responses was incredible. As I read, I felt compelled to do something I had never done before: I copied and pasted a selection of the comments into a note to myself. To me they were treasures and the thought of not being able to easily revisit them was unbearable. What happened was profound. I found my voice and my heart in these handpicked comments. These comments resonated with me because they matched the decision I had made in my heart but had not yet made in my head. I now have two wonderful children and know without a doubt that I made the right decision for me. I will always be grateful to the CoJ community.” — Lauren

“A reader named Meg once upon a time commented: ‘My mother described love as light. For some people, it’s like a light switch. Boom, light! Boom, you know! And for others it might be more like a sunrise. Inseparable at first. The light comes so gradually that you hardly notice it until suddenly you find yourself in the full bright sun… The great love of my life was a sunrise.’ Honestly, until then I had only had ‘lightswitch’ romances. But my last ‘lightswitch’ love really broke me, so my heart was tender and wary. When my current partner and I started dating, instead of sparks, I felt a deep level of comfort and ease that was so unfamiliar I was almost suspicious. He is kind, patient and encourages me to be my messiest, most imperfect self. It sounds cheesy, but I returned to this comment several times to confirm that it was okay not to immediately ‘know’. We’re still together, and I quoted this CoJ comment in my two-year anniversary card, calling him my ‘big sunrise love’.” — Sonia

On a cheering section when you need it most:

“Cup of Jo commenters have been there for me through life’s biggest moments and given a warm hug when I didn’t even know I needed one. I remember being at work and reading a ‘How are you feeling?‘ post. I commented that I was on my way home to take a pregnancy test and felt nervous. Readers left comforting comments that brought me to tears. Come to find out the pregnancy test was positive. Fast forward a few weeks before I gave birth and what do you know, another ‘How are you?’ post. I expressed how nervous I was about giving birth, and once again I was answered by several loving readers wishing me luck.” — Julie

“I wrote this comment down and put it on the wall above my desk. It reminds me generously to support everyone’s big and small moments because it always feels good.” — Julie

What is your “stay for comments” story? We would love to hear from you.

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