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Where I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, Austin, and two children, Alma and Otis, the winters are gray and rainy with short days and long nights. Still, we pack in as much outdoor playtime as possible. We also try to make the time together inside feel special and a little silly, which is why we currently have a tiny trampoline in our living room. At bedtime, wearing family pajamas from Primary is a great way to embrace the season by slowing down and getting cozy (plus they offer Cup of Jo readers a huge sale)…

Our kids are young, so we’re still making up our family traditions as we go, but wearing holiday pajamas is something I carry on from my own childhood. My daughter Alma loves when we match. She is very into daily rituals, like making popcorn for movie night or lighting the dinner candles on our kitchen table. Maybe eating mac and cheese by candlelight is fun, but it’s actually a real mood booster. When we blow out the candles before bath time, it makes a plain old weeknight feel festive.

Primary offers children, baby and adult PJs in everyone’s favorite color and timeless stripes, patterns and prints. While picking out our pajamas, I also ordered Alma this set, because she loves rainbows. I choose gumball stripes for nine-month-old Otis, because pink is definitely his color.

We are at that stage of life where we find chalk all over our house. And while I regularly remind our kids to color on paper, I try not to worry too much about their creative expression. Our kitchen table and chairs are also always stained with paint and crumbs from breakfast. I feel that Primary pajamas fits the easy, forgiving, lived-in vibe.

Primary is a brand I trust for quality, timeless basics that will withstand wear from multiple children. I feel good knowing that I can save Alma’s pajamas for Otis to wear for years to come and then pass them on to a younger friend or cousin.

At bedtime, we’ve come up with a few tricks, but still, it’s been a while since we’ve had an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Austin and I typically reach for old T-shirts, but we’re in this matching moment. Primary makes pajamas that are super soft for all ages and I plan on wearing mine navy blue PJ pants all year. We might as well be dressed as comfortably as our children.

As a family, we are always looking to make our choices more sustainable, even during the holidays, which is why I appreciate Primarys sustainability initiative and the commitment of the co-founders to ensure that our children inherit a healthy planet.

One way I try to nurture my children’s relationship with the natural world is by helping them see the gifts of each season. Although I was worried about long, dark winters when I first moved to the PNW, I have found that it can be a time for rest and relaxation. I look forward to hanging out with my kids in our matching pajamas all winter long.

Bonus for all readers: Family Matching Holiday PJs are 30% off for everyone, with new customers getting an additional 20% off their order (and free shipping) with code COJ20. These look extra cozy. Here are a few more ways to mix and match…

Which one matching set would you choose What are your family rituals?

Kaitlyn Teer is a writer based in Western Washington, where she lives with her husband and two children and teaches creative writing. For Cup of Jo, she works to give you weekly newsletter.

(Photos of Scarlett Crews for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Primary, a company we have worn and loved for years. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep the Cup of Jo running.)

PS Our favorite outerwear for children.

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