Refresh Your Feed: 8 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

ah Social Media— the ever-changing medium that serves as both a means of communication and an endless analysis of our culture’s deepest problems. While the narrative around social media has largely leaned towards the negative, the best Instagrams to follow recommended by our editors present an alternative point of view. After all, when we adhere to its intended use, social media can help us share ideas, build connectionand support the limitless spread of inspiration.

Of course, depending on its use, social media can also be burdensome. Too much time on the platforms can breed criticism and criticism. So to displace the bad, comparison-making vibes, we’re making room for the positive by following the best Instagrams to follow for happiness, laughter, and a more mindful social media experience—because we all deserve a little digital joy.

Featured Image by Michelle Nash.

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The best Instagrams to follow for a more inspiring feed


The JOY that is her husband’s loud laugh/scream every time she pulls a prank is pure dopamine. You can’t help but smile. This video where he thinks she’s eating raw chicken – but it’s actually cake – was the one that got me. —Brittany, Creative Marketing Director

@hellicity_merriman (and every American Girl Doll meme account)

I recently went through all my social media followers and narrowed the number down from 600 to under 250. The exercise was joyful and centering to say the least. My favorites of the ones that stayed? All the American Girl doll meme accounts that make me feel called out with every post.

@hellicity_merriman is an absolute gem. The two best friends who run the account regularly post what they call “outfit report cards,” rating all of the American Girl Dolls’ various outfits. They’re nothing short of hilarious, but they also evoke a certain sense of nostalgia that, if you grew up in the 90s and 2000s, you can totally relate to. (Plus, if you want to dig deep into why these accounts resonate with so many people, Read this.) — Isabelle, Managing Editor

Photo by Michelle Nash


Maybe it’s because I grew up in California – and now have roots in Colorado – but I’m completely fascinated by life in the Northeast. Rudy Jude is a delightful follower, a mother raising her family in rural Maine while running a clothing business in LA. She shows her family’s sweet, simple and outdoor life. It’s real yet dreamy and a joy to watch. — Edie, Wellness Contributor


If you like cute dogs, fashion, and people who don’t take themselves too seriously, you’ll love following Jenny. I am always inspired by the way she sees the world, with a lot of humor and appreciation for the beauty of life. Whether it’s a unique spoon, mundane but beautiful pictures of the streets or a really smart outfit I would never have thought to put together. — Nihel, Social Media Manager

Photo by Michelle Nash


Many of us may only know her as the goofy, terrible assistant on Hacks, but Statler is going to be the main character on Instagram. It’s hard to pick the greatest hits, but if you get a kick out of her riff on Che Diaza Meg Statler follower is exactly what your feed needs. – Caitlin, Contributing editor


This is the rare social media account that inspires me to actually pick up my phone and type in her profile name when I need to laugh. Start with child talent agent and prepare to scroll – crying laughs all the way. — Camille, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Michelle Nash


Memes + animals = my happy place on the ‘gram. This account features a variety of random animal photos, videos, and memes that will make you laugh, smile, and sometimes wonder what the hell you’re looking at. Is it actually a bear flipping burgers? —Michelle Nash, Executive Producer


If you’re into all things wellness but love a good laugh, this is the meme account to follow. Run by two friends, it speaks to the very real concerns of the wellness obsessed. Prepare yourself for aphorisms like: The nut butter walk is my therapy, he’s 6 but wants to talk about magnesium and comments on the internal shower drink trend. You will laugh out loud and feel seen by how relatable all the content is. — Isabelle, Managing Editor

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