Christmas gift guide 2022: Sisters | Cup of Jo

A cozy sweater that matches the one she always borrows from you when she visits. In addition, it comes in 12 colors. $69.50.

A bucket Spanish potato chips to munch on while you watch Bad sisters. $42 (that’s huge!).

Babaa hat No. 19

This babaà hat or color block cute to keep her warm on winter hikes. From $65.

An ornament with all children’s cousins$32.

Leggings in organic cotton with a cult following for everyday adventures. (Bonus: They have pockets!) $24.

Shit, actually isn’t exactly new, but it’s the funniest book I’ve read in the last few years. The brilliant writer Lindy West summarizes – and hysterically eviscerates – iconic films from the last 40 years. Says CoJ reader Laurel: “The book is GREAT, but consider listening to her read the audio book instead of reading it yourself. It’s even more fun.” 20 USD.

A bold, juicy, chilled wine that tastes like strawberry lemonade and Swedish fish. 29 USD.

A portable lamp to put around the house. 22 USD.

We finally tried these faux fur rugs and the only problem is that none of us can stop saying “ohh it’s so soft” when we’re cuddled. Make a no-brainer gift. $53.

Use all year round SALT perfume making her feel sexy and breezy and outdoorsy, her favorite state. Starting at $32 (and get 15% off any order with code COJ15).

A donation in her name to an organization she loves: Extinction Rebellion, 350or Climate Justice Alliance. xoxo

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(Beach photo by Simone Anne/Stocksy.)

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