Why Everyone Needs Clarifying Shampoo

Why Everyone Needs Clarifying Shampoo

Written by: Mattigan King


Published on: September 22, 2022

Our hair and scalp accumulate sebum (a natural protective oil), hair products, dead skin cells, sweat and other build-up throughout the day. Over time, the buildup can weigh our hair down, making it look dull or feel heavy.

Wash with a clarification shampoo is akin to giving your scalp a detox: It’s not meant to be an everyday ritual. How often you use a cleansing shampoo depends on both your hair type and your lifestyle. Gwyneth, for example, uses the goop scalp-scrub shampoo several times a week. “It feels so good and it leaves my hair so soft,” she says. Others might go once a week, while people who have oily hair might even use it once a day.

As with everything, balance is key.

  1. For occasional itching or flaking

    Dr.  Barbara Sturm Balancing Shampoo

    Dr. Barbara Sturm
    Balancing shampoo
    goop, $60


  2. For softness and shine

    goop Beauty G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo

    goop beauty
    G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo
    goop, $55/$38 with subscription


  3. For your bounciest hair ever

    Rahua voluminous shampoo

    Voluminous shampoo
    goop, $36


Follow each shampoo (but especially the clarifying shampoo as it cleanses so thoroughly) with a really hydrating conditioner and/or hair mask – use only on mid-lengths to ends – for the softest, shiniest results.

  1. For hair prone to breakage

    Grown Alchemist Nourishing Conditioner

    Adult alchemist
    Nourishing conditioner
    goop, $49


  2. For moisture and shine

    Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque

    Moisturizing hair mask
    goop, $30


  3. For Softness and Bounce

    Crown Affair The Ritual Conditioner

    Crown Affair
    The ritual balm
    goop, $38


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