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If you are looking for inspiration for refreshing the bedroom, then you have come to the right place. Below you will actually find four of the trendiest bedroom style and decor suggestions out there right now. Check them out and see if there is one that suits you.

Tropical paradise

Styling a tropical bedroom is about textiles with patterns that depict the rich lush foliage you would find in a tropical jungle. We’re talking oversized fern and Monstera leaves, bright tropical flowers and exotic fauna like monkeys, leopards and flamingos. The look can also be done in different ways with lighter walls in white or light green, or even pink, and colors for a softer look. However, darker walls and colors like forest green, hot pink and even black can help you create a look that is more extreme and impactful.

Another important aspect of such a room is the presence of real (or fake) plants, which can provide a very calming and immersive atmosphere. Be sure to choose a wide variety of plants to create a sense of texture and interest.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern is a style with roots very firmly in the 1950s and 60s. However, it is still just as popular today with genuine furniture fetching high prices at auctions and online, especially if it is from renowned designers such as Ercol, Laddex and Eames.

The essence of mid-century style is low-profile furniture, often in elongated rectangular shapes made from warmer woods such as elm and teak. In the bedroom, this means low lozenge-like headboards, and beds set low to the ground, often with ‘Dansette-style’ legs. Dressing tables with mirrors and bedding in brown, orange, yellow and cream complete the look.

Minimalist retreat

Minimalism is hot right now and it can be a very effective way to create a relaxing space. However, it is often difficult to create a minimalist space that works and creates a sense of harmony rather than looking bare.

Image taken from Pixabay – License CC0

One thing that can help you achieve one cohesive but minimal look in your bedroom is to choose a matching furniture set. It is best to choose a white or natural light wood color scheme consisting of clean lines and simple shapes.

Bedding and wall colors should also be light and neutral, and decoration should be kept to a minimum with art and ornaments that have specific meanings displayed.

Cozy maximalism

If you like your bedroom decor cozy, but with lots of personality then maximalism is the way to go. Maximalism is all about using oversized patterns, luxurious materials and rich colors to create an opulent space that is both imposing and inviting at the same time.

To create your maximalist bedroom, start by choosing your color palette. Don’t shy away from darker colors either, just make sure that when you do use them you accentuate them with richer jewel tones.

Once you have your color palette, you can start looking for patterned bedding and wallpaper to match your scheme. Create an impactful look by using matching wallpaper and bedding, or contract to add extra interest and intrigue!

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