20 design-forward mirrors to significantly upgrade your bathroom

Anyone who has logged time in an apartment complex knows the absolute white noise that is most bathroom mirrors. They’re just there… all function and no flair. But if you’re here to seek inspiration, then you’re one of the lucky ones. You have bathroom mirror freedom – the opportunity to make something beautiful out of necessity. So whatever your style, we’ve put together a collection of excellent bathroom mirror ideas to complement your space.

Whether you are a French Country fan or a devout Scandinavian minimalistthese 20 ideas add equal parts design and dimension to your bathroom.

Featured imaged by Michelle Nash.

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Glam bathroom mirror ideas

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#1: Try the Triptykon treatment

If you have the ability to place your mirror on a surface (and have the space), a vintage-inspired panel mirror is a real showstopper.

Photo by Michelle Nash

#2: Flank it with sconces

Frame your mirror with complementary sconces or vanity light.

#3: A Moroccan-inspired mirror

If your look is a little more bohemian, the gilded bow of a Moroccan-inspired frame makes a statement with a simple silhouette.

Picture of Blue-green Thomsen

Modern Bathroom Mirror Ideas

#4: Put Midcentury in modern

Go oversized with a circular mirror or flank a simple frame with opal white globes. Surround it with a beautiful wooden sink or cabinets for an effortless retro feel.

#5: Go frameless

Let the bathroom tiles light up punchy wallpaper remains the main attraction of the bathroom.

#6: Pure minimalism

Do you have white bathroom walls? Throw in some bold dark lines for no-frills, eye-catching dimension.

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Country French Bathroom Mirror Ideas

#7: Prioritize Patina

A stunning French country mirror looks like it was discovered in the back of a charming European antique shop—or on Perigold.com…we won’t tell.

#8: The full Rococo

If a vintage Trumeau mirror from Chairish is not in the budget, there are many tutorials for DIY-ing your own Marie Antoinette-style treasure.

#9: Go for Baroque

Live yours Beauty and the beast fantasies with the ornate oval mirror to end all ornate oval mirrors.

Picture of Belathee photography

Ultra Feminine Bathroom Mirror Ideas

#10: Etched in glass

Simple and subtle with a timeless vintage appeal, etched mirrors are a reminder that it’s all in the details.

#11: A flower crown mirror

A charming touch always blooming.

#12: Flights of Fancy

We want to see your beautiful gilded mirror and raise you a gilded one butterfly mirror for an imaginative accent.

Photo by Michelle Nash

Nautical Bathroom Mirror Ideas

#13: Hang some burlap

Just as a sisal rug always adds texture and warmth, a well-crafted burlap mirror works as a superior wall hanging.

#14: Dreamy driftwood

To a more natural, rustic look in beach bathrooms.

#15: Shell shocked

While it can fail kitsch when done right, a shell wall mirror is a sun-kissed sight.

Picture by Justina Blakeney

Ideas for irregular bathroom mirrors

#16: A “butterfly” mirror

If literal butterflies aren’t your thing, this uniquely shaped mirror gives a more subtle wing effect.

#17: An asymmetrical mirror

Think outside the box with this simple, asymmetrical design. Choose two in different sizes to complete the unique look.

Picture of Nicky Sebastian

Multifunctional Bathroom Mirror Ideas

#18: A mirror gallery wall

Maximize your space (and make it feel bigger) with uniquely framed mirrors double as works of art.

#19: A mirror-slash-plant-holder-slash-towel holder

Never underestimate the potential of your mirror.

#20: Medicine cabinet for a bathroom mirror

A hassle-free space saver.

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