3 affordable and eco-friendly workwear brands for women

It’s time for another edition featuring smaller workwear brands – today let’s do independent, affordable and eco-friendly brands Saint + Sofia, Sonderlier and Vetta. (At least the Vetta has been around since 2016, so it’s not necessarily “new” – but it’s new to me!)

If you have a new-to-you/smaller brand that you’ve purchased from and would like to recommend, let us know!

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The picture at the top of the post: grey pants / burgundy pants / grey pants / turtleneck dress / blazer / satin skirt

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Saint + Sophia

collage of 3 outfits from lesser-known workwear brand Saint + Sofia: draped gray pants with a cream sweater vest, a black double-breasted blazer, and burgundy military-style button-down pants

Some of Saint + Sofia’s bestsellers, above: grey pants / blazer / pants with buttons

Saint + Sophia is a British brand with a focus on sustainability. It’s nice that they come in sizes 2-18; so many indies stop their sizes somewhere in the 10-14 range. Many of the pieces come in multiple colors; note that their best-selling blazer, above, comes in about 10 colors. Full prices are $80-$350, but note that many of their bestsellers appear to be on sale at the moment.

More about the brand on their website:

Based in London, England, Saint and Sofia creates fashion and accessories that are fair and sustainable. We believe in challenging the status quo; merging the art of design with the science of production. We design all our styles in our London studios and make them exclusively in Europe with family-owned factories that we control.

If you’re in the US, they offer free standard shipping on orders $75+ and have a 28-day money-back guarantee.


collage of 3 models wearing Sonderlier clothing

Sønderlier bestsellers: pants / dress / skirt (with zippered pocket)

Sønderlier have a small collection; it was recently started by a former engineering professor. She notes on the website that she started the brand out of frustration that all your “cute clothes” are gathering dust in the closet waiting for a special occasion, while your everyday comfortable pieces make you feel creepy and bored. They go on to note:

We love elegant silhouettes, and we also love comfort and versatility. In our collection, you will find timeless jewelry that has multiple ways to wear and is so comfortable that you can literally sleep in it. It truly has never been better to dress well.

The brand is made with environmentally friendly materials in the USA; prices for most pieces are under $200.

For US buyers, they offer free shipping on orders over $150, and $8 otherwise. They have a 14-day return or exchange period.


collage of 3 models wearing the same Vetta clothes in the OTHER way you can wear them

Vetta bestsellers: blazer / blouse / dress

Vetta is a brand that has an exciting concept: every piece can be worn in at least two ways. (We have depicted option A above; we show the same pieces in their transformed version below.)

collage of 3 models wearing Vetta clothes in the FIRST way you can wear them

(Brand’s satin skirt is shown at the top of the post; it returns to another press.)

Specifically, “We create versatile capsule collections with 5 items that make 30 different outfits. Made with you and the planet in mind.” On a! (They offer a quiz so you can find out which capsule is best for you, and many of the capsules are on sale right now.)

More details about the Vetta:

We are committed to sustainable fabrics and responsible factories. Our woven clothing is made in a family-run factory in NYC, where many of the employees have worked there for over 30 years – and we visit often. Our jerseys are knitted by our partner factory in Los Angeles, which is audited annually for social and environmental compliance – and gets 70% of its energy from solar energy!

The brand comes in sizes XS-XL; most pieces are under $200. (However, note that you can get all 5 pieces in the classic capsule collection for $538 with a special code.) (The brand has been around since 2016, so it’s not particularly new, but we haven’t featured it before.)

The brand has no brick and mortar stores, but offers free US shipping. They regularly have a 30 day return period, but this is slightly extended for holiday orders (until January 10th).

Readers, have you tried any of these affordable and eco-friendly workwear brands? What do you think?

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