A backyard makeover for our outdoor pavilion (before + after!)

When we first moved in our home Almost two years ago, the yard was a bit of a mess and it was clear that it needed a backyard makeover.

It looked like it was filled with nice flower beds and manicured shrubs decades ago, but it had been let go for so long that we ended up having to rip most of it out and start the landscaping over.

Nestled in the yard was a small pavilion that also had that “forgotten” vibe to it, and I wasn’t sure when we’d actually have time to get to it based on all the other projects we had to do. But guess what?? It is done!

We made over carport at our last home to be a beautiful outdoor covered area and we really loved having a covered space with comfortable seating to cool off in the summer and enjoy a fall day by fire table.

So we decided to have our pavilion act as the same for us here, and it’s such a cozy atmosphere that it was worth the wait.

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Although the structure of the pavilion hasn’t changed that much technically, we removed the rotting side boards and installed more sway support up into the beams of the rafters so we could leave the sides open for better visibility.

We also had the pavilion painted a uniform faded warm black to modernize it a bit and painted the entire underside of the roof which used to be plain plywood. It looks so much better when you hang out inside the structure.

The shingles on the roof were multi-colored brown and we painted them black to match the rest of it. Did you know you can paint shingles? I will share more about that process soon…

We also added a stone bridge to the pavilion and I love how it makes it feel like you’re walking into a cozy little cottage now.

We loved to have an article section in our last place so we chose this corner section from them to the pavilion and it is perfect for the room.

I love that it has built in Acacia side tables so you have somewhere to set your drink (or a few small plants) and it’s the perfect size to spread out and relax when I read or have a couple of friends over to sit by. the fire table.

The modular cushion design makes it feel more modern with the slim powder coated frame and the lightweight cushions are easy to clean.

Since we painted the structure black, I also wanted to add some pieces of black to the furniture, so I chose this rounded lounge chair. It is the perfect addition to the room.

It’s big enough for us to sit in with our daughter to snuggle, and the synthetic wicker details are weather resistant but also add a bit of natural looking material.

What’s an outdoor seating area without cushions? I chose this set larger pink pillows and this lumbar set orange cushions to add a splash of color and ensure we could relax in comfort.

For a more natural material I added woven round cushions (similar here) to match the wicker details of the chair. I like how all the pillows work together.

I wanted to add a little more color with the rug so I chose this pink outdoor rug which takes up most of the space. These terrazzo planters are beautiful – I love that they come in a large and small size.

They have some flecks of pink in them as well as blue and gray to add a structural dimension to the decor. I probably bring them inside in the winter because they are too pretty to sit empty all winter.

I also added a little more pink wood hang some of these planters in the macrame plant holders I had (similar TheseThough these are cute too). Adding some greenery to the top room helped balance out the plants on the floor.

Outdoor spaces are all about mood lighting, so I added these LED string lights which we had at our last house for the rafters of the pavilion. I love it if you add this you can mute them (to whatever you want) to set the mood.

I had that too these lanterns which I put in the room and I like the natural look they add – and they are battery operated (similar here).

And I feel that I can never have an outdoor space again without a fire table, and this one is perfect for the room. The white concrete is really beautiful with the bright cushions on the furniture.

It’s a good idea to protect your outdoor furniture to make it last, so we have a section cover to go over the sofa, and a cover for the fire table to use when it’s out of season or if bad weather is in the forecast.

Do you have outdoor furniture? Few our tips for taking care through all seasons so that it lasts!

Overall, the clean up and fresh paint for the pavilion, the perfect furniture, the extra mood lighting and the landscaping we’ve been working hard on really made this feel like a cozy space brought back to life.

I hope you agree! If you need me this fall, I’ll be here by the fireside. hot chocolate in hand … xo. Laura

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