7 luxury menswear brands to check out in 2022

Many of us have heard of designer men’s brands like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. However, these are far from the only luxury menswear brands. Below are just a few other brands you need on your radar.


Missoni is a unique Italian luxury brand specializing in colorful psychedelic knitwear. Founded in the 1950s, they have maintained a distinct style ever since, while evolving with the times. Their men’s range consists of everything from polo shirts to footwear. When it comes to vibrant and eye-catching clothing, this is definitely the brand to go to.

Fred Perry

Launched by British tennis champion Fred Perry, this brand is widely known for its tennis-inspired polo shirts. In fact, you could argue that this was the brand that popularized the polo shirt. Fred Perry also sells jackets and other clothing and maintains its sporty but relaxed look. You can check out their selection of classic and practical clothing online.


Caliber is an Australian brand known for its sophisticated tailored clothing. They sell a range of clothing from formal suits to casual t-shirts, all with a timeless luxury look. Top quality fabrics are used to produce all their clothing, so each item is designed to last for years to come. Take a look at their online store to see what they have to offer.


Japanese brand Capital are known for their maximalist workwear-inspired urban clothing. The brand was founded in the ‘denim capital’ of Japan and inspired the name Kapital. Their collection consists of everything from hoodies to socks. If you’re looking for some vibrant and unique streetwear, this brand’s east-meets-west style is worth checking out.


Based in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, this Canadian company specializes in high-end outdoor clothing. The brand is known for leading various innovations when it comes to materials and manufacturing processes – they are scientists and engineers as much as they are designers. For stylish outdoor adventure clothing that will keep you comfortable in all weathers, it’s the best choice.


Established in 2015, this London streetwear brand is known for its ergonomic and socially conscious clothing. His clothes make heavy use of black and gray and have a futuristic feel. A-Cold-Wall sells a variety of items from hoodies to sneakers that you can check out online. If you’re looking for urban streetwear that’s both stylish and sustainable, check out this brand.


Drake’s is known for producing some of the world’s finest handmade shirts and ties. The tailor and haberdasher was founded in 1977 and is known for its very classic approach to clothing. Many celebrities are known to visit his original store in East London. For those who don’t want to visit London, there is of course also an online store that sells to consumers all over the world. Those looking for something elegant and comfortable should check out Drake’s.

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