6 DIY Gadgets You Must Buy

The tools you use can make or break a DIY project. If you’ve tackled DIY projects in the past, you probably already have a toolbox of the basic, reliable tools already there.

Thanks to some very clever inventors, there is now a huge variety of DIY gadgets on the market to buy. Some of these products are just a novelty and offer no real benefit, but others are complete game changers that make projects safer and faster for you.

Laser measurer

Forget measuring everything by hand. A precision laser meter is more accurate than you could ever be with a metal tape measure, especially over distances. Precisely calibrated ultrasonic sensors can measure space to the millimetre, which means you can be sure when ordering carpets, floors or furniture or other things to buy to decorate the room.

Pipe and electrical line finder

Many DIY projects have stalled when you by mistake put a nail through one water pipe, which causes a lot of damage and a big bill from a plumber. Water pipes and electrical wiring are hidden behind walls and under floorboards, making them a potential hazard for the DIY enthusiast. Not only can it damage your property, but it can also be unsafe. Catching an electrical wire with a metal tool can give you an electric shock.

Pipe finders are handheld devices that you hold up to a wall or floor, and they detect if there are pipes or electrical cables where you plan to work.

Laser level

Attention to detail is the key to great DIY. If there’s something that’s just a little off in terms of fit or quality of finish, you’ll never stop noticing, and neither will others. Laser levels are great for precision marking walls and floors, so you can make sure you tile or place the studs at the right level.

Electric screwdriver

The range of electric screwdrivers on the market today make easy work of most tasks that require you to place or remove screws. They are light and powerful and take the pressure off your hands and wrists. You can even by attachments that can remove damaged and threaded screws.

Inspection camera

Sometimes you need to look at something that just isn’t easy to get to. If you need to inspect inside walls, under floorboards or behind large objects, you can invest in an inspection camera. The small camera is mounted at the end of a flexible accessory that can be screwed into the smallest space. You can see what the camera sees on a handheld monitor connected to the camera.

Paint sprayer

Painting rooms can be a long and messy process. Paint sprayers allow you to cover a larger area, quickly, with even coverage. No more visible brush strokes or picking brush hairs from the walls.

Up your DIY game by investing in some of these great gadgets that will make your DIY project a whole lot easier.

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