20 Gifts for the Wellness Enthusiast in Your Life (And Yes, It Might Be You)

It is gift giving season, yes. And for the wellness-obsessed friends in your life, look no further. Before we dive in, we all know that wellness is quite multifaceted. It could mean anything these days: a morning cup of match and mental health walkfoaming at one face mask and lighting a non-toxic lightor pour a glass organic wine. meditate, record keeping, and even sleeping can be categorized as wellness. It’s all up to interpretation! Ultimately, taking care of your mind, body and spirit looks different for each of us. So in the spirit of individuality, we have put together a range of wellness gifts. These are modern tools, experiences and products to make wellness what it should be: accessible and fulfilling.

Feature photo by Michelle Nash.

Photo by Michelle Nash

20 Strengthening wellness gifts

No matter what category your health enthusiast falls into, there is something for everyone. A few gifts are splurges, but most are relatively modest. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be a healthy lifestyle expensive or complicated. Of course, we love to go all out for a massage, enjoy an hour-long hot yoga class, or whip one up adaptogen latte, but the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is all about simplifying. Scroll on for restorative gift ideas, energizing rituals, or delicious (and functional) potions.

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Gifts for the fitness fanatic

Whether it’s a new yoga mat tending to aching muscles or adorning sweat-proof jewelry, bring joy to fitness this holiday season.

Picture of Cassie Courtney by Riley Reed

Gifts for the spiritual junkie

Whether she wants to elevate her daily meditation practice, delve into the power of crystals, or enjoy an astrological reading, these wellness gifts nourish the soul.

Picture of Sophie Monet by Blue-green Thomsen

Gifts for the sustainable chef

The kitchen is the heart of the home. For your food friend who also doubles as one health emergencywe have exactly the wellness gifts to be happy about.

Picture of Sanetra Nere Longno by Michelle Nash

Gifts for the natural beauty enthusiast

From dry brushing to the art of gua sha, shower the beauty queen in your life with these thoughtful, everyday products.

Picture of Riley Reed by Jenn Rose Smith

Gifts for the healthy homebody

These gifts are for those who have a penchant for making a house a home – one so inviting you may never want to leave. This year, give the healthy home body the ultimate place to relax.

Picture of Jenn Rose Smith

Gifts for the cozy queen

Her idea of ​​wellness is being wrapped in a weighted blanket, slippers on, golden milk latte in the hand.

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