40 fun cocktails to make at home

It might not be Friday yet, but we’re already dreaming of the weekend… and 40 fun cocktails to make at home!

In this roundup we have included cocktail recipes for every season. Do you want to warm up in the winter months with a cranberry spiced hot toddy or caramel apple Moscow mule? Sounds pretty cozy to us.

Feel like sipping one homemade margarita or a frozen sweet and salty dog at the pool? Same here!

We’ve included four basic spirits in this roundup:

Vodka cocktails:

You can’t go wrong with one classic Moscow mulebut if you want to sweeten things up, try ours caramel apple Moscow mule. It is perfect for autumn!

Sometimes you just want a delicious frozen cocktail (even if it’s cold outside), and this frozen sweet and salty dog hits the spot every time.

We love a good one at home vodka martinisbut novelty martinis is more fun, don’t you think?

We have lots of novelty martini recipes to share, like this one easy chocolate martini at home.

We love a good one too espresso martini, key lime martiniand snickerdoodle martini.

See more of ours best martini recipes here!

If you love peppermint, make it a peppermint White Russian with a crushed candy cane border. We can’t think of a better cocktail for the holiday season!

Looking for one non-dairy white russian recipe? We’ve got you covered.

The cosmopolitans feel very much Sex and the City, don’t they? We love the idea of ​​sipping one pink cosmo in front of the television (in pajamas, of course).

Tequila Cocktails (AKA Margaritas):

OK, we admit it…we love all kinds of margaritas. But we’re pretty adamant about the kind of mix we use. It should be homemade margarita mixall the way.

It is easy to make and so much better than the store bought kind. Here’s a little recipe video of our homemade margarita mix:

Elsie’s favorite margarita is the festive one orange cranberry margarita pictured above. So good! We’re also big fans of strawberry margaritas.

If you prefer frozen margaritas, we have several options like one frozen mango margarita, spicy watermelon mezcal margarita, frozen avocado margaritaand frozen hibiscus margarita. These are all winners in our book!

And if you’ve never had a toasted coconut margarita before … the time is now!

Rum Cocktails:

Moving on to rum cocktails, we thought we’d start with something fun and fancy like this triple tiki rum punch.

If you love a good daiquiri, this is it best fresh (or frozen) daiquiri recipe from our favorite hometown bar, The Golden Girl Rum Club.

Warm up with a mug hot chocolate tip. next to a fire pit. You can even add more to the mixture. This hot chocolate recipe is non-dairy, but you’d never know!

Whip up a round homemade pina colada mix for the perfect beach cocktail (beach optional but encouraged). You can even make your own pina colada snow cones!

There is nothing like it a refreshing mint mojito– Especially when you want summer weather or a terrace. Bonus points if you have both of these things as you read this!

And if you love mojitos, try these fun variations: cranberry mojito, raspberry basil mojitoand St. Germain mojito.

The combination of cinnamon and nutmeg does this vanilla bean frozen bushwacker such a treat.

We guarantee you’ve never had a mai tai like this mango mai tai with fresh mango slices, homemade orgeat and raw sugar. Cheers!

Whiskey cocktails:

Our love for a good hot toddy is very strong – so much so that we have several recipes we want you to try. But first we have to start with our classic go-to hot toddy recipe.

If you want to jazz it up a bit, try ours apple cinnamon hot toddy. It’s so good! And our favorite version to enjoy around the holidays is one spiced cranberry hot toddy.

Whiskey sours is a no-brainer, especially when they are made with homemade sour mix. If you love peaches (and they’re in season), you’re going to go crazy over the recipe above—it is a peach and basil whiskey sour!

This boozy apple cider à la mode tastes exactly like what autumn feels like.

Emma’s favorite old fashioned is one smoke and cinnamon old fashionedand it’s perfect for a cold snowy night.

Our favorite classic Manhattan cocktail is not the same unless you add Luxardo cherry.

A cocktail for dessert? Yes please. Here is the recipe for an incredible mint julep milkshake.

If you love a good whiskey sour but want something a little different, this golden rush cocktail is best (especially the homemade honey syrup).

If you are looking for mocktail options, we have plenty of them too! Cheers to you, friends. – The ABM team

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