There’s something extra special about decorating an older home for Christmas. My mind wanders when I think of people who have celebrated holidays in this space for the past 100 years. Well, almost. Ninety-nine to be exact.

I would give anything to go back in time and see pictures of the living room decorated with a sparkling Christmas tree in the front window!

1. Here is a link to my white Christmas tree. I scoured the internet for a new one this year and I love it. The lights are warm and beautiful and it was easy to put together.

2. If you want Evil hotel as much as I do, you will surely love this art print which I have in my bathroom.

3. Speaking of Etsy, I bought this yin yang light for a Christmas present. Yin yang forever!

4. Min favorite cookie recipe on the blog. ❤️

5. How often do you go through a tube of lip gloss? I’ve run out of this repeatedly. It’s the best.

6. This mini food ornament set from Target is sweet.

7. The duvet of my dreams.

8. If you are looking for gift ideas, Elsie’s Christmas gift guide has a lot of unique items (with over 10 categories). So good!

9. Random question: Did you know? we have a newsletter? I promise it’s fun content and not spam. Haha.

10. I use my YETI Rambler so much (it was a gift) that I finally bought another one. It’s the perfect size for a cup of coffee or tea.

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