Like many of you, we are getting ready for a long drive to visit family over there Thanksgiving vacation.

But as a 6 month pregnant (who can’t get comfortable) with a 5 year old who doesn’t love the car, it should be interesting this year!!

I have also enjoyed my time in my office (as you can see below) with me pink desk and checkered carpet as it will probably be turned into a nursery next year and I will be kicked out to another place in the house. I really like working in this space so I hope baby likes it too!

I’ve never been a big turkey or pumpkin pie person, but bear with me potatoesgravy and rolls, and I’m happy as a clam. Here’s what else is making me happy this week!

Office with wallpaper and pink desk

1. Would love such a necklace to have two names when a little girl is born. I love the paper clip look and they are great for layering!

2. These battery operated starburst lights looks perfect to hang around the house.

3. Can’t wait to get out the sweet Christmas countdown I printed out last year to put on our fridge soon! I use self-laminating boards once I print it out so Lola can use a dry erase marker to cross off the days and we can wipe it off and use it again!

4. I have spent this silk sleep mask for a while and it’s the most comfortable I’ve ever had. I always take it with me on trips as you never know how dark rooms will be when you travel.

5. Love it or hate it this jacket? I totally had one in my teenage years and that’s all I can think of when I see this style. All that anxiety, haha.

6. I have saved the latest season of The Great British Bake Off to binge at once and this could be the week! It just makes me happy.

7. Did you know Swiss Miss makes a non-dairy hot chocolate mix that is really good?? I literally bought three boxes the last time I was in Target. It’s my holiday/winter time by the fireplace.

8. Which sweatshirt should I order for Christmas? This or this?

9. These red checkerboard pillows would be a fun vibe for the holiday season (and beyond!).

10. Have you had Nutella Puppy Chow? It’s definitely going on my holiday season to-do list!

Hope you slide into the holiday season with a few happy things on your list too! xo. Laura

PS Here are a few posts from last week in case you missed them!

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